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      Read the following information and answer the questions that follow: 1. In a garment shop, 8 different types of garments viz. Lehenga, Saree, Dupatta, Kurta, Shirt, Sherwani, Skirt and suit having different colours viz. Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Black are made of four different fabrics i.e. Chanderi, Net, Neoprene, Georgette are kept one above the other. The topmost position being 1. 1. Exactly two garments are made out of one fabric. 2. Garments made of neoprene fabric are vertically adjacent. 3. Neither Green nor black colored garments are made of neoprene or chanderi. 4. The material of the topmost and the bottom most garment is the same. 5. The orange skirt is neither made of net nor georgette and occupies the topmost position. 6. The Red garment is immediately below the garment made of Net. The blue garment is exactly in the middle of Black and purple garment. The saree is made of neoprene and is immediately above the blue kurta. 7. The lehenga is made of net and is in the top three positions. 8. The georgette suit is immediately above saree. 9. Green georgette dupatta is immediately below the pink garment. 10. The pink garment is of net fabric. Garments made of net fabric are kept at even numbered positions. Both neoprene garments lie between net garments. 11. One of the neoprene garments is blue in colour. None of the neoprene garments is purple in colour. Shirt is not pink in color.

      Which garment is at the bottom?

      A Lehenga Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      B Saree Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      C Dupatta Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      D Suit Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


      We know from 1, 2 Neoprene Neoprene 4, Green – Net/Georgette Black – Net/Georgette 5, Orange – Skirt – Chanderi/neoprene but, the topmost and the bottommost fabrics are same and neoprene garments are vertically adjacent to each other. Thus, cannot be neoprene. Thus, is chanderi. 6, Net immediately above Red. Net Red – Blue in the middle of Black and purple. Black | Blue | Purple Neoprene – saree - Kurta - Blue 8, Georgette – Suit Neoprene – Saree - Kurta - Blue 9. Pink – Net Green – Geogette – dupatta Since, net garments only at even numbered positions, 2ndposition reserved for Lehenga The only positions left for another net garment are 4 and 6. Since neoprene garments have to be vertically adjacent to each other, kurta must be of neoprene. Georgette – Suit Neoprene – Saree Neoprene - Kurta - Blue From, 10, both neoprene garments lie between net garments, which is possible only if net is at 6thposition. Placing the garments in the known order. The only fabric left is georgette at 7thposition. Since, net is immediately above red, one of the georgettes is red. Blue is immediately between black and purple. Garment at position 5 is blue. Thus, i) Either garments at positions 4 & 6 are black and purple ii) Or garments at positions 3 and 7 are black and purple iii) Or garments at positions 2 and 8 are purple and black i) is possible if 4 is purple and 6 is black (Neoprene cannot be black) ii) is possible if either 3 is black and 7 is purple or 3 is purple and 7 is black None of the cases of (ii) are possible as, one of the georgette garments must be red. Thus case (ii) is discarded. Either 4 & 6 are purple and black Or 2 & 8 are purple and black None of the neoprene garments is purple. Thus garment at 4thposition can neither be purple nor black. Thus only one case left, 2 and 8 purple and black. One of the nets is pink (given).According to 9, green gorgette dupatta below pink.

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