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      Read the following information and answer the questions that follow: Twelve friends namely A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L have decided to book their flats in a multi storey sky scraper. They make the booking in the same building in 6 different months viz. February, March, April, May, June, July on different dates starting from 9thto 20thof any month not necessarily in same order. Two friends book in the same month but on different dates. No two friends have their flat on the same floor. There is stilt parking on ground floor and flats begin from floor number 1 and go up to 12. 1. There are 5 floors between the people who book in April. The people who book in April don’t occupy floors above 10 or below 4. 2. G booked flat on second floor on 19th. The one who has flat on first floor booked in June. 3. E did booking on date immediately after the date of K. Two people live between G and H. The floor number and booking date is same for B. 4. The person who booked on 15thhas flat immediately below E. K booked on date after 12thbut before 16th. Four people have flats between K and E. 5. K booked in the month of April. B and I booked in the same month having 31 days. 6. D has booking of his flat on floor 11 in the month which has less than 30 days. Only one person has flat between the two people who did their booking in the month of July. 7. The people who booked in the month of July have their flats above the floor number 6. There are 5 floors between B and I. 8. There are 6 floors between J and the other person who has booking in month of June. The person F has flat in the middle of E and C. 9. L did not book in the month of April. The person who booked on 17thhas the flat immediately above the person who booked on 20th. 10. H did not book on 20th. L did not book on 16thor 20th. Only one person has flat between the people who booked in May. 11. There are 4 floors between the people who have bookings on19thand 10th. The person who has booking on 17thhas flat immediately above the person who has booking on 20th. 12. A does not have a booking on 11th. The person who has booking on 18thhas flat immediately above the one who has booking on 11th.

      What is the date of booking for H?

      A 10th Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      B 11th Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      C 16th Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      D 18th Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


      From 1, 2, 3, 6 From 3, 4, 5 K date + 1 = E date E lives above the one with date 15th. Thus e’s date cannot be 15thand hence K’s date cannot be 14th B – 9/10/11/12 K -13th/14th/15th Floors - K/E -- - - - E/K From 5 we know, K has to be with April. It can either be on floor 10 or 4. We also know that there are 4 people between K and E. If we set K on 10thfloor, the only possible position for E is 5thfloor which is already occupied by H. Thus, K will be at floor 4 with E on 9thfloor. Combining with 4, person with booking on 15thlives on 8 floor. Thus, possible date for K is only 13th. And thus, E’s date is 14th. From 6 and 7, we know that people having bookings in Oct occupy floors above 6and have only 1 floor/person gap, which is possible only for floor 7 and 9. From 5 and 7, B and I can occupy floor 12 and 6. But according to 3, B date = B floor. Thus, B is at 12thfloor. From 8, F stays between E and C. Only possible outcome is E, F and C on 9th, 8thand 7thfloor. From 10 and 7 we know that there are 5 people between B and I and their months are same and must have 31days.Cannot be July (from table. Only 1 person between both July). Cannot be May (Only 1 person between both May.) Thus. March is the month for B and I. From table and point 10, July fits only for floors 5 and 3 From 11. There are 4 floors between 19thand 10ththerefore, 10thon 7 floor. 20thnot possible for H according to 10.Thus combining 10 and 11,we get that the person with booking on 20thlives on 10 floor and the one having booking on 17thlives on floor 11. From 12 we know, person with booking on 18thlives immediately above the person having booking on 11th. Combining 8, Suitable position for J and the month of June (6 person gap). From 10, we know that L doesn’t go on 16th. Thus, the table obtained is

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