Study the following information and answer the questions based on it. 1. Twelve friends (Sheila, Meeta, Jaanvi, Manish, Puneet, Lokesh, Samridhi, Shabnam, Mohit, Shailja, Reena and Saatvik) are sitting in 2 rows R1 and R2 such that 6 friends sit in each row with equal distances between them in such a way that each friend in Row 1 faces another friend in Row 2, but not necessarily in the same order. All friends in Row 2 face North and all friends in Row 1 face South. Each friend teaches a different subject (Hindi, English, Maths, EVS, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Dance, Games, Music, Humanities, Art). 2. Samridhi teaches music and sits fourth to the right of Sheila who teaches neither EVS nor Maths. Mohit doesn’t face Manish. The one who teaches Phyiscs faces south. 3. The one who faces Sheila teaches Art and is an immediate neighbour of those who teach Chemistry and English. 4. Manish sits second to the right of Saatvik, who faces the neighbour of the one who teaches Humanities. Meeta is a neighbour of Manish, teaches English and faces South. 5. Mohit and Jaanvi sit in the middle of the row and none of them teaches Humanities. The one who teaches Chemistry has only one neighbour. 6. The one who teaches games sits fourth to the left of Shailja, who does not sit at extreme end of any row. 7. The one who teaches Dance faces Lokesh. Neither of them sits at extreme ends of any row. 8. Shabnam teaches Hindi, faces Reena and sits third to the left of the one who teaches EVS. Mohit doesn’t teach EVS.

Who sits third to the left of Lokesh

A Manish Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B The one who teaches Maths Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C The one who teaches Biology Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D None Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E The one who teaches Physics Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


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