RBI Grade B General Awareness

Importance of RBI Grade B 2021 General Awareness

RBI Grade B general awareness 2021

In RBI Grade B, General Awareness plays a crucial role in clearing the exam because of the :-

  • Weightage in the exam - General Awareness constitutes 40% (80 questions of 80 marks out of the total 200 questions of 200 marks) of the Phase 1 exam.
  • Return on the time invested - General Awareness questions take very less time to answer. Here you can attempt maximum questions in a short span of time. A higher score in General Awareness can maximize your chances to be successful in RBI Grade B Phase 2.
  • Help in Phase 2 score - Study of factual information about Economics, Banking and Finance for General Awareness helps you to score more in ESI (Economics and Social Issues) and FM (Finance and Management) papers of the Phase 2 exam.

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How to prepare for RBI Grade 2021 General Awareness?

RBI Grade B General Awareness preparation becomes easy if you follow systematic approach as detailed below.

Daily Newspaper

There is nothing better than reading a newspaper daily and preferably a business newspaper (like Business Standard, Economic Times, Financial Express, Mint). Before you start your preparation you shall attempt some mock tests for the RBI Grade B exam or go through the previous years’ question papers. This will help you in understanding the types of questions asked in the exam and their difficulty level. While reading the newspaper you should focus more on the news related to banking, economics, finance, government schemes, and important social data and study such news in detail. If you are very particular about making notes from the newspaper then make very short notes by jotting down the numbers, names, places, and any other relevant information.

Weekly/Monthly General Knowledge Bulletins

While preparing for RBI Grade B, your special attention shall be on points related to policy, banking and finance, government, economic data, and schemes for development etc. Please go through weekly/fortnightly/ monthly general knowledge (or current affairs) summary bulletins. These are very useful sources for you to get all the important news at one place. These bulletins will help you in learning and revising. Your experience of practicing mock tests of RBI Grade B General Awareness will help you in segregating the more important news for the exam. You may prepare short notes about the data, facts and figures, dates, name of people and place so that you can revise them before the exam.

Other Publications

There are important publications like Economic Survey of India, Union Budget, Census report, Kurukshetra, Yojna, Government Schemes, RBI Bulletin, Annual Report of RBI, Trend and Progress in Banking. You need to study Economic Survey of India and Union Budget in detail (not line to line, but major items) and for other documents you can study the summary.

GK Quizzes and Mock Tests

It is necessary that you attempt GK quizzes and practice tests. Learning the General Awareness for RBI Grade B 2021 by attempting questions helps in reinforcing if you have already read the news and this will improve your score in the exam. You shall also attempt practice tests and exam specific mock tests for General Awareness. The more mock tests you practice the more you learn. RBI Grade B Free mock Tests at ixamBee will help in your learning.

Static GK For RBI Grade B

You will find some questions on:

  • Headquarters of national institutions and organizations. For example banks like SBI, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Indian Bank, etc. and regulators like RBI, SEBI, IDRA, PFRA, etc.
  • Heads and Head Quarter of International organizations like IMF, World Bank, Bank of International Settlement, Asian Development Bank, New Development Bank, etc.
  • Currencies, capitals, national parks, census reports, nuclear stations, stadiums, thermal plants, regional festivals, and others.

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These questions in RBI Grade B General Awareness paper look like static GK but most of these questions are based on the current affairs, as these are covered in news due to some important events like some dignitaries from these institutions visiting India or some Indian dignitary visiting some other country as such. You can read currencies, capitals, national parks, important festivals of states, important days from any GK book or yearbook, but pay more attention to the recent news.

RBI Grade B General Awareness Preparation with ESI and FM

While preparing for ESI (Economics and Social Issues) and FM (Finance and Management), you will learn about general awareness topics such as importance of banking sector, functions of RBI, international organizations, economic growth, inflation, monetary policy and others. This will also help you in answering questions of RBI Grade B Phase 1 General Awareness.

Don’ts for RBI Grade B General Awareness preparation

  • Don’t just cram the names and numbers; you need to understand the news in detail as the answer options create confusion. See the sample questions below.
  • Don’t waste time in reading notifications on RBI website. All important RBI notifications are covered in financial newspapers. On the RBI website there are a lot many notifications which are hundreds of pages.
  • Don’t start GA preparation just before the exam, rather read newspapers on a daily basis and practice GA questions regularly.
  • Don’t read general awareness only for the exam but study it to get knowledge.
  • Don’t rely on only one summary capsule or weekly/monthly bulletin for your preparation of general awareness.

Examples of RBI Grade B General Awareness Questions

Some sample questions for RBI Grade B General Awareness 2018 are listed below. More such questions are freely available in ixamBee Mock Tests for RBI Grade B.

Q1. What is the name of the Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil behemoth that is in news for being listed in future and is expected to be the biggest IPO?

  • Sabic
  • Saudi Telecom Company
  • Al Rajhi Bank
  • Kingdom Holding Co.
  • Aramco

Q2. The bill for Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code was passed in?

  • May 2015
  • Sept 2015
  • May 2016
  • Sept 2016
  • May 2017

Q3. The GST Council, that takes all decisions regarding implementation of GST. The council is headed by?

  • The Prime Minister of India
  • The Finance Minister of India
  • The Minister of State (MoS) of Finance
  • The Governor of RBI
  • The Finance Secretary of India

Q4. Which of the following is the first payment bank of India?

  • Paytm Payment Bank
  • Airtel Payment Bank
  • India Post payment bank
  • Fino Payment bank
  • Bandhan Bank

Q5. Loss of value of a country's currency with respect to one or more foreign reference currencies, is called as?

  • Depreciation
  • Devaluation
  • Revaluation
  • Inflation
  • Deflation

Q6. Recently the rhino census in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kaziranga National Park began. It is in the state of:

  • Bihar
  • West Bengal
  • Odisha
  • Assam
  • Arunachal Pradesh

Q7. As per 20th annual Quality of Living Survey by Mercer, which city has been named the best city to live in?

  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Zurich
  • Vienna
  • Munich

Answers: Q1-5, Q2-3, Q3- 2, Q4 -2, Q5 -1, Q6- 4, Q7-4

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