IBPS RRB Officer Scale II Exam Syllabus

IBPS RRB Officer Scale II Exam Syllabus 2020

As soon as you collect all information related to IBPS RRB Officer Scale II exam pattern, your next step should be getting a hold of the complete syllabus. Unless you know about the detailed syllabus of the RRB Officer Scale II Exam, you will not be able to kick-start your preparation. You should go through the syllabus properly and then make a study plan accordingly where you dedicate ample amount of time to each topic of all subjects accordingly . There will be different number of subjects in both the post of IBPS RRB Scale II and the preparation plan will vary accordingly. Therefore, you should note down the complete syllabus and make your own preparation strategy.


To prepare in the best way the candidates should take note of the IBPS RRB Officer Scale II Exam syllabus. Refer in the table below to note down the syllabus:

English LanguageQuantitative AptitudeReasoning AbilityFinancial AwarenessComputer knowledge
Anonyms Percentages Analogy Break-even Analysis Computer Fundamentals
Homonyms Ratio and proportion Classification Time Value of Money Computer Abbreviations
Antonyms Averages Word formation Mutual Funds Software and Hardware
Spelling Mixture and allegation Statement and conclusions Basel Norms Fundamentals Shortcut Keys
Word formation Time and work Syllogism Factoring Networking
Idioms and phrases Speed, distance and time Statement and assumptions World Monetary Policy Basic Knowledge of Internet
Fill in the suitable words Stocks and shares Statement and arguments Budget and Economic Survey MS Office
Grammar Partnership Coding decoding Overview of Banking and History of Computers
Spotting errors Clocks Blood relations Banking Reforms in India Bank Database Security Tools
Sentence correction Volume and surface Area Passage and conclusions Financial Regulations History and Future of Computers
Active/ passive voice Height and Distances Alphabet test Rule 72, 114 and 144 Virus
Phrases and idioms Logarithms Series test Working Capital and Banking Policy Hacking
Direct and indirect speech Permutation and combinations Number, ranking and time sequence Regulatory organizations: SEBI/NABARD/RBI  
Reading Comprehension Simple and compound interest Direction sense test Accounts of Special Individuals Organisations  
Passage completion Equations Decision-making test Deposits  
Theme detection Probability Figure series Credit Loans  
Deriving conclusion Trigonometry Input/output Advanced Non Performing Assets  
Rearrangement of passage Profit, loss and discount Assertion and reasoning Asset Reconstruction Companies NPAs  
  Mensuration Sitting arrangement    
  Elements of algebra Odd figure out    
  Data Interpretation Analogy    
    Series test    
    Miscellaneous test    

Professional Knowledge (IT Officer) Syllabus

A candidate should be well aware of the syllabus in order to avoid missing out any important details which might be helpful in cracking the IBPS RRB Officer Scale II Exam. A candidate should know ‘what’ to prepare before he / she knows ‘how’ to prepare.

Operating SystemDBMSData Communication and NetworkingData StructureOOPSCompiler DesignBasic Programming In CSoftware engineeringWeb TechnologyComputer Architecture
System calls Difference between file system and RDBMS Types of networks Time Complexity and space complexity Introduction Linker , loader Keywords in C Software process Web Design CPU organisation
Process concept Database models OSI model and protocols Array Classes and methods Phases of compilation Format specifiers SDLC models HTML General register organisation
Multithreading Programming Normalization , keys and constraints Error detection and correction Linked List Encapsulation Lexical analyzer Data Types Debugging CSS Interrupt
Process Scheduling E-R diagram Network devices and Models Stack Abstraction Parsing theory Variables in C Cohesion and coupling Javascript Modes of transfer
Synchronization Transaction Transmission Media Queue Polymorphism Code optimization Types of variables Testing XML Instruction and program control
Deadlock Concurrency control Management TCP/IP three way connection Tree Inheritance Intermediate code generation Constants in C PHP Priority interrupt
Memory management concept Recovery and backup IP addressing Graph     Operators in C   Memory organization Virtual memory Indexes and sequences Routing Sorting     Decision making in C   Pipelining
File system View and Trigger CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA       Loops    
Secondary storage Cursors IEEE standards       Break, continue and Go statement    
System protection SQL DNS       Array, String in C    
Cryptography Miscellaneous concepts(Data dictionary, data warehouse, data mining) Network security       Function in C    
    Network Switching       String Functions    
    Firewall       Recursion    
            Structure and Union    
            File input and output    
            Dynamic memory allocation and C pre procesor