Directions: In the question below, a passage is given followed by few statements. Read the passage and answer the questions that follow.

Even while undertaking the world’s largest vaccination exercise, the below par capacity utilisation at many vaccination sites is forcing authorities to rejig their strategies. The turnout among health workers for receiving the vaccine was just over 50% in the first three days.

I. Vaccination hesitancy is posing a major roadblock for the drive as the fast pace of vaccine development and trials coupled with the regulatory anomalies with Covaxin are contributing to the hesitation.

II. Gliches in Co- Win, the digital backbone of the vaccination drive is misfiring as the the non-delivery of the of text messages to scheduled recipients is delaying the whole process.

III. The software glitches must be resolved quickly so that an enabling technology doesn’t become a drag on vaccination.

IV. Guarantees on safety must be repeated non-stop, efficacy data must be periodically updated and released by the authorities.

V. The specific reasons why health workers topped the priority list must be underlined because they are most vulnerable to virus exposure and vaccines offered first to them is also society’s gratitude for selfless service.

VI. To win the confidence of health workers it may be necessary to forego earlier reservations about netas jumping the line. Inspirational figures volunteering for the jab could bolster the vaccination drive. Which of the above statements are the causes of the argument given in the passage?

A Only I and III Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Only I and II Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Both IV and V Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Both V and VI Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E Both II and V Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


According to the statement the health worker turnout on the vaccination centres must have been low due to two specific reasons: namely hesitation among workders and glithces in the Cowin software which is clearly explained in statement I and II. Therefore option B is the clear answer.

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