This data is regarding total number of students participating in Cycling, Horse Riding and Tennis games of the two different schools, i.e. The Heritage School and Delhi Public School. The total number of students studying in both the schools together is 4800. The respective ratio of number of students in The Heritage School and Delhi Public School is 5:7. Each student participates in only one of the 3 games i.e. “Horse Riding”, “Tennis” and “Cycling”. In Heritage School, 70% of the total students are boys. 60% of the total boysparticipates in ‘Horse Riding’ out of the remaining boys’ participants, 1/8 th participates in ‘Tennis’. Out of the total girl participants, 24% participates in ‘Tennis’ and 5/8th of the remaining girls participates in ‘Horse riding’. In Delhi Public School, 80% of the total participants are boys. 65% of the total boys participate in ‘Horse Riding’. Number of boy participants who participates in Cycling in Delhi Public School is 20% more than the boy participants who participate in ‘Cycling’ in Heritage School. Number of girl participants who participates in Horse riding in Delhi Public School are less than the number of boys who participates for ‘Horse riding’ in the same school by 75%. Out of the remaining girl participants, 1/4 participates in ‘Tennis’.

What percent of the total number of boys in Heritage School who participates in ‘Cycling’?

A 25% Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B 15% Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C 20% Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D 40% Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E 35% Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Required % = 490/1400 × 100 = 35%

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