Practice Rearrangement Questions and Answers

Rearrangement Question & Answer

Rearrangement in English refers to moving words, phrases, or clauses within a sentence to emphasize certain points or express certain meanings. Moving words, phrases, or clauses to the start or end of a sentence, or to a different position inside the sentence, is referred to as rearrangement.

For students preparing for and participating in subjects like SBI, RBI, NABARD, IBPS RRB, SEBI, SSC, Railways, and other state level exams, the ability to rearrange is crucial since it increases comprehension, sharpens critical thinking, expands vocabulary, and sharpens writing abilities. These practise tests on rearrangement aid students in developing their analytical thinking, vocabulary, and ability to properly communicate their thoughts.

For example

Consider the following sentence: "I went to the store to buy some milk." This sentence could be rearranged in several ways, such as "To buy some milk, I went to the store" or "I went to the store and bought some milk." Each of these rearrangements changes the emphasis and tone of the sentence, while still conveying the same basic information.

How to score A+ in Rearrangement MCQs?

Rearrangement questions are commonly found in competitive exams, and they require a good amount of practice to master. However, there are some tips that can help students solve these questions quickly and efficiently:

    • The instructions will often provide clues about the specific type of rearrangement required, such as sentence, paragraph, or jumbled words.
    • In paragraph rearrangement questions, it is important to identify the topic sentence, which usually comes at the beginning or end of the paragraph. This will help you to understand the main idea of the paragraph and how the other sentences support it.
    • Transition words, such as "however", "furthermore", and "in addition", can help you to understand how the sentences are connected and the logical order in which they should be arranged.
    • Regular practice is key to improving your rearrangement skills and becoming faster and more efficient at solving these questions. Utilize practice tests and question banks to sharpen your skills and speed up your problem-solving process.


Rearrange the following jumbled sentences to form a coherent paragraph:

The/ the/ and/ back/ forth/ ball/ kicked/ was

Hardly/ had/ the/ she/ begun/ to/ speak/ when/ interrupted/ was/ she

Through/ the/ forest/ walked/ they/ quietly/ to/ avoid/ disturbing/ the/ animals

Answer key

ball was kicked back and forth.

Hardly had she begun to speak when she was interrupted.

They walked quietly through the forest to avoid disturbing the animals.

How ixamBee Rearrangement mock test can help you?

You can master even the most difficult rearrangement questions with ease and confidence by using the structured Rearrangement mock tests from iXamBee. You can take advantage of the rearrangement mock tests offered by iXamBee to hone your problem-solving abilities, pinpoint your areas of weakness, and create efficient techniques for dealing with questions of this nature in competitive exams. You can improve your comprehension of the format and degree of difficulty of questions by taking these MCQs.

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