Practice Match the column Questions and Answers

Match the column Question & Answer

Matching the column MCQ questions require careful attention to detail and good analytical skills. To solve these questions effectively, it is important to read each column carefully and identify the information that is being presented. Once you have a good understanding of the information in each column, you can begin to compare them to find matching pairs.

It is important to keep Verbal Ability preparations to ace exams like SBI, RBI, NABARD, IBPS RRB, SEBI, SSC, Railways and other state level competitive exams. Keep track of which items you have already matched, and which ones are still remaining, to avoid confusion.


Match the items in column 1 with the corresponding items in column 2.

(To solve this question, you would need to match the cities in column 1 with their respective landmarks in column 2)

Column 1Column 2
Paris Eiffel tower
London Big Ben
Tokyo Tokyo Tower
Sydney Opera House

The correct matches would be

1-A (Paris-Eiffel Tower)

2-B (London-Big Ben)

3-C (Tokyo-Tokyo Tower)

4-D (Sydney-Opera House).

Tips for Getting A+ on "Match The Column" Questions:

These insights will aid in clear thinking and the proper approach to various types of Match the Column and other related Questions.

  • Read and understand both the column headings and the items in each column.
  • Once you have a good grasp of what each item represents, you can begin visually matching them together. Remember to double-check your work to make sure you have accurately matched everything together.
  • Think of it like playing a game of memory where you have to remember where things are, but with the added challenge of making sure you read everything carefully.

Ideas For Solving Match The Columns in a Challenging MCQ type Question:

1. Search for clear connections, such as similar words or ideas, between the items in the columns.

2. To remember which items go together, make mental or visual associations between them.

3. Begin with the topics you are most confident in, then move forward from there.

4. If you're unsure, don't be afraid to guess; you can always go back and evaluate your decisions later.

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