Practice Spelling Correction Questions and Answers

Spelling Correction

Spelling Correction forms an important part of the syllabus of various government and bank exams like- RBI Grade B, RBI Assistant, SEBI Grade A, SSC CHSL, SSC CGL and many others.

What is Spelling Correction?

In the English Language, correct spellings play an important role in understanding the meaning  of a word. Therefore, it is essential to know the correct spellings of words. However, sometimes English spellings can be quite confusing. 

In Spelling Correction, a set of four words will be given, out of these four words, one word will either be correctly spelt or incorrectly spelt. The candidates are required to identify the correct spelling of the given word.

Types of Spelling Correction

  • Spellings of the same word- Here, four options are given with correct and incorrect spelling of the same word. 
  • Spelling of different words- Here, four options will be given with the correct and incorrect spelling of different words.

Rules for English Spellings

Rule 1- When a word ends with ‘y’ and is also preceded by a vowel, ‘s’ will be added after the word.

For example-

Boy- boys

Stay- stays

Play- plays

Rule 2- Whenever a word ends with ‘y’ and is preceded by a consonant, then ‘y’ will be changed into ‘i’, and ‘es’ or ‘ed’ will be added.

For instance-

Party- parties

Sky- skies

Theory- theories

Rule 3- The letter ‘q’ is always followed by ‘u’.

For example-




Rule 4- When the word ‘full’ is added to the end of a noun, the last ‘l’ is removed.

For example-




Rule 5- The prefix of ‘in’ is changed to ‘il’ when the first letter of the word is ‘l’, ‘m’, ‘p’ or ‘r;.

For example-

Legible- Illegible

Moral- Immoral

Relevant- Irrelevant

Rule 6- There are different rules for the plurals of regular nouns and the ‘-s’ form of regular verbs.

Noun PluralsVerb Plurals
Bus- buses Cross- crosses
Church- churches Fetch- fetches
Kiss- Kisses Guess- guesses 

Rule 7- The final consonant of a word is doubled, when the suffix of a word begins with a vowel.

For instance-

Noun PluralsVerb Plurals
Hop + ed= Hopped Slim + ing= Slimming
Rub + ed= Rubbed Travel + er= Traveller
Sit + ing= Sitting Wet + er= Wetter

How to Improve Spellings

  • Practice the spelling of the words by using them in sentences.
  • Focus more on reading. This will improve your vocabulary which in turn will help you in remembering spellings.
  • Moreover, you can also use a dictionary to learn the spellings.
  • Practice as many Grammar exercises as you can.

Sample Questions on Spelling Correction

Q1) Select the incorrectly spelled word.

  1. Fallicious 
  2. Victorious 
  3. Generous 
  4. Malicious

Answer: Option 1


The correct spelling is Fallacious, which means based on a mistaken belief.

The other words are correctly spelled. Their meanings are as follows-

Victorious- triumphant

Malicious- intend to do harm

Generous- happy to give more money, help, etc. than is usual or expected

Q2) Select the incorrectly spelled word.

  1. Miscellaneous
  2. Multifarious
  3. Gregerious
  4. Hilarious 

Answer: Option 3


The correct spelling is Gregarious which means sociable/ fond of company (of a person).

The meanings of the other words are-

Miscellaneous- consisting of many different types or things

Multifarious- many, and of various types

Hilarious- extremely amusing

Q3)  Select the incorrectly spelled word.

  1. Pleasant
  2. Peasant
  3. Prefferable
  4. Proceed

Answer: Option 3


The correct spelling is Preferable, which means more suitable/desirable.

Q4) Select the incorrectly spelled word.

  1. Chauffeur
  2. Chauffer
  3. Choffer
  4. None of the above

Answer: Option 1


The correct spelling is Chauffeur, which means a person employed to drive a private or hired car.

Q5) Select the word which is correctly spelled.

  1. Pionear
  2. Pionneer
  3. Poineer
  4. Pioneer

Answer: Option 4


The correct spelling is Pioneer which means a person who is one of the first to develop an area of human knowledge, culture, etc.


Spelling Correction is a very important and scoring topic in the English Language. To do well in this topic, the candidates must focus on practicing spellings of different words and build their vocabulary. Moreover, this topic will help you in the Descriptive English paper, where marks are deducted for spelling mistakes. Candidates can expect around 4 to 5 questions from this topic.

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