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Appropriate Words Question & Answer

In the English language, appropriate words MCQs are those that are suitable and acceptable for a specific context or audience. To ensure that your message is understandable and clear, it's important to choose the proper words. The appropriate words to use will depend on the situation's formality, your audience, and the message you want to convey. You might make sure that your message is received favorably and is understandable by using the right phrases.

Appropriate word questions contribute to RBI, NABARD, IBPS RRB, SEBI, SSC, Railways, and other state-level competitive exams because they allow for clear communication and understanding of the similarities and differences between the objects of study. When comparing two or more things, it is important to be able to express oneself clearly and concisely to accurately convey the similarities and differences between them in mock tests and the actual exam.

Examples of Appropriate Words Question and Answers

In the following appropriate words, MCQ questions, there is one word that is used incorrectly. Identify the word and write the correct word in the space provided.

I could of gone to the store, but I decided to stay home instead.

Incorrect word: of

Options for correct words

  1. have
  2. had
  3. off

The correct option is a-have

He is a very unique individual, with a personality, unlike anyone I have ever met.

Incorrect word: unique

Options for correct words

  1. individual
  2. distinctive
  3. particular

The correct option is b - distinctive

Tips To excel in "Appropriate Words MCQ" questions.<

Read the question carefully: Make sure you understand what the question is asking before you choose an answer. Look for keywords or phrases that can help you identify the correct answer.

Consider the context: Many questions will provide a sentence or passage that contains the word in question. Consider the context in which the word is used to help you identify the correct answer.

Be aware of common mistakes: There are many common mistakes that people make when it comes to word usage. For example, confusing "its" and "it's" or "there" and "their". Make sure you are aware of these common mistakes so you can avoid them.

Eliminate obviously incorrect answers: If you can eliminate one or two obviously incorrect answers, your chances of selecting the correct answer will increase.

Consider synonyms: If you are unsure of the meaning of a word, consider choosing the answer that is closest in meaning to the word provided in the question.

Here Are some examples of Appropriate Words questions:

  • The committee was tasked with (affect/effecting) changes to the company's policies.
  • I am (disinterested/uninterested) in politics and prefer not to discuss it.
  • The company has implemented a (compliment/complementary) benefits package to attract new employees.
  • The chef's (cuisine/kitchen) was famous for its innovative approach to fusion cuisine.
  • The team was (coherent/incoherent) in its strategy and failed to achieve its objectives.

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