In each question, there are five sentences. Each has a pair of words that are italicised and highlighted. From the italicised and highlighted words, select the most appropriate  words (A or B) to form correct sentences. The sentences are followed by options that indicate the words, which may e selected to correctly complete the set of sentences. From the options given, choose the most appropriate  one.

Ending a civil war-like conflict is more difficult to end than a conventional war, as it leaves many fostering [A]/ festering [B] wounds that prevent a re-integration of warring groups.

Despite the uninspiring whether [A] / weather [B], the city was reverberating with a youthful verve.

A few tourists request him to show them the ingenious [A]/ ingenuous [B] traditional door locking technique, done with no lock or key or bolt.

A BBA Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B AAA Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C BBB Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D AAB Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Fostering – advance, feed, cultivate, foment                                       Festering – smoulder, aggravate, blister Whether – even if, if, in case                                                                       Weather – climate Ingenious – creative, innovative, inventive, skilful                             Ingenuous – naïve, innocent, childlike 

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