Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below. There are six persons, namely Leonardo, Johnny, Sylvester, Brad, Tom and Arnold. Among them two are having Aston Martin, while others are having Bugatti, Ferrari, Regera, and Lamborghini not necessarily in the same order. Also, each of these people went to different islands to enjoy their vacations, namely Santorini, Maui, Bali, Hawaii, Sumatra, and Ko Tao. (i) Sylvester, having Ferrari, neither went to Hawaii nor Ko Tao. (ii) The one who went to Sumatra is having Lamborghini. Neither Brad nor Leonardo went to Sumatra. (iii) Leonardo is having Regera and he went to Ko Tao. (iv) Sylvester does not went to Bali while Arnold does not went to Hawaii. (v) Bradhaving Bugattiwent to Maui. Neither Johnny nor Arnold is not having Lamborghini.

    Johnny went to which of the following Islands?

    A Santorini Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    B Bali Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    C Sumatra Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    D Hawaii Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


    According to the data given in the question the arrangement is shown below: Since From (v), Neither Johnny nor Arnold is having Lamborghini. So, the only person left who could have Lamborghini is Tom. Therefore, Tom is having Lamborghini. Since From (ii), person who went to Sumatra is having Lamborghini. Therefore, Tom is having Lamborghini and went to Sumatra. Since From (i), Sylvester is neither went to Hawaii or Ko Tao and also from (iv) Sylvester does not went to Bali. Therefore, the only Island left for Sylvester is Santorini. From (iv), Arnolddo not went to Hawaii. Therefore, only Island left for Arnold is Bali. Now, only person left is Johnny and the only Island left is Hawaii. Therefore, Johnny went to Hawaii. The only car left for Johnny and Arnold is Aston Martin. Therefore, Johnny and Arnold are havingAston Martin. 

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