IBPS RRB Scale 3 Officer Exam Syllabus 2024

IBPS RRB Scale 3 Exam Pattern & Syllabus 2024

Before beginning your preparation, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern of IBPS RRB Scale 3. This will provide you with valuable insights into the importance and allocation of marks for each section. The RRB Scale exam pattern 2024 includes a single-phase online examination, each section carrying a different weightage.

To excel in the examination, you should be aware of the complete IBPS RRB Scale 3 syllabus 2024 so that you can kick off your preparation systematically. Furthermore, thoroughly understanding the comprehensive RRB Scale 3 syllabus 2024 will improve your scoring potential and enhance your ability to solve questions effectively.

Therefore, in highly competitive scenarios, it is essential to obtain comprehensive information about any exam you intend to take. Success in the IBPS RRB Scale 3 exam 2024 will require dedicated effort and perseverance.

IBPS RRB Scale 3 Online Exam Pattern

IBPS RRB Scale 3 exam pattern comprises a single-level online exam followed by the final interview. There will be 5 sections in the exam: Reasoning, Computer Knowledge, Financial Awareness, English/Hindi Language, and Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation. The time duration available for the exam will be 2 hours. Detailed IBPS RRB Scale 3 exam pattern has been provided below.

Name of the TestsMedium of ExamNo. of QuestionsMaximum MarksDuration
Reasoning Hindi/ English 40 50 Composite Time of 2 hours
Computer Knowledge Hindi/ English 40 20
Financial Awareness Hindi/ English 40 40
English/ Hindi language* English/ Hindi 40 40
Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation Hindi/English 40 50
Total 200 200  
* Candidates can opt either English or Hindi language

IBPS RRB Scale 3 Syllabus

To achieve outstanding results in the exam, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire syllabus for IBPS RRB Scale 3. This will allow you to begin your preparation in a systematic manner. For the General Awareness section, you can make use of the BeePedia as a reference. Below, you will find the complete syllabus for IBPS RRB Scale 3 2024.

English Language Homonyms, Antonyms, Spelling, Word Formation, Idioms and Phrases, Fill In the Suitable Words, Grammar, Spotting Errors, Sentence Correction, Active/ Passive Voice, Phrases and Idioms, Direct and Indirect Speech, Reading Comprehension, Passage Completion, Theme Detection, Deriving Conclusion, Rearrangement of Passage
Quantitative Aptitude Percentages, Ratio and Proportion, Average, Mixture and Allegation, Time and Work, Speed, Distance and Time, Stocks and Shares, Partnership, Clocks, Volume and Surface Area, Height and Distances, Logarithms, Permutation and Combinations, Simple and Compound Interest, Equations, Probability, Trigonometry, Profit, Loss and Discount, Mensuration, Elements of Algebra, Data Interpretation
Reasoning Ability Analogy, Classification, Word Formation, Statement and Conclusions, Syllogism, Statement and Assumptions, Statement and Arguments, Coding Decoding, Blood Relations, Passage and Conclusions, Alphabet Test, Series Test, Number, Ranking and Time Sequence, Direction Sense Test, Decision-Making Test, Figure Series, Input/output, Assertion and Reasoning, Sitting Arrangement, Odd Figure Out, Analogy, Series Test, Miscellaneous Test
Financial Awareness Break-even Analysis, Time Value of Money, Mutual Funds, Basel Norms, Factoring, World Monetary Policy, Budget and Economic Survey, Overview of Banking and, Banking Reforms in India Bank, Financial Regulations, Rule 72, 114 and 144, Working Capital and Banking Policy, Regulatory organizations: SEBI/NABARD/RBI, Accounts of Special Individuals Organisations, Deposits, Credit Loans, Advanced Non Performing Assets, Asset Reconstruction Companies NPAs
Computer knowledge Computer Fundamentals, Computer Abbreviations, Software and Hardware, Fundamentals Shortcut Keys, Networking, Basic Knowledge of Internet, MS Office, History of Computers, Database Security Tools, History and Future of Computers, Virus, Hacking
Hindi Language

भाषा, लिपि, बोली और व्याकरण

वर्ण विचार

  • हिन्दी वर्णमाला
  • स्वर
  • व्यंजन
  • संयुक्त व्यंजन

शब्द विचार \ शब्द भंडार

  • सार्थक , निरर्थक शब्द
  • एकार्थी शब्द
  • अनेकार्थी शब्द
  • पर्यायवाची शब्द / समानार्थी शब्द
  • विलोम शब्द
  • वाक्यांश के लिए एक शब्द
  • समूहवाची शब्द
  • बहु अर्थिय शब्द 


  • वर्तमान काल
  • भूत काल
  • भविष्य काल
  • क्रियाओं का उचित काल





वाक्य के भेद

  • निषेधात्मक वाक्य ,
  • प्रश्न वाचक
  • विस्मयादिबोधक ,
  • आज्ञा वाचक 





  • समुच्चयबोधक
  • क्रियाविशेषण
  • संबंध बोधक


  • अर्थ एवं प्रयोग

वाक्य शोधन

  • शुद्ध /अशुद्ध वर्तनी
  • वाक्यों की अशुद्धियाँ
  • शब्दों की अशुद्धियाँ 
  • मात्राओं की अशुद्धियाँ

अपठित गदयांश

वाक्य क्रमबद्धता

अनुच्छेद क्रमबद्धता

रिक्त स्थानो की पूर्ति

परीक्षा मे विशेष रूप से पूछे गए प्रश्न -

  • गद्यांश
  • रिक्त स्थान पूर्ति
  • अनुच्छेद क्रमबद्धता
  • गद्यांश रिक्त स्थान पूर्ति
  • त्रुटि खोजना
  • मुहावरे/लोकोक्तियां (अर्थ /रिक्त स्थान)
  • पर्यायवाची/समनार्थी
  • विलोम
  • बहुअर्थीय शब्द
  • वाक्यांश के लिए एक शब्द
  • शुद्ध /अशुद्ध वर्तनी

IBPS RRB Scale 3 Interview

If you are able to score the required cut-off marks, you will be shortlisted for the Interview and the final merit list will be prepared after considering the marks obtained in the online examination and Interview. Furthermore, the RRB Scale 3 Interview will carry a total of 100 marks, and the weightage of the Online Exam and the Interview will be 80:20.

You should produce the required valid documents while appearing for the IBPS RRB Scale 3 Interview. If you fail to do so, you will not be considered for the Interview.

Marking Scheme

There will be a penalty for every wrong answer that you will mark in the Objective Test of the IBPS RRB Scale 3. One-fourth of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as a penalty and an unmarked question will attract no penalty.

IBPS RRB Officer Scale 3 Marking Scheme

IBPS RRB Officer Scale 3 Marking SchemeConsidered Marks
For correct answers 1 mark each
For wrong answers -1/4 marks
For not attempted 0 (no marks)

IBPS RRB Scale 3 Exam Language

There will be a single-level examination for IBPS RRB Scale 3 2024 examination. There will be five subjects on which the test questions will be asked. The examination will be online and you will have the choice between English or Hindi as your default exam language. This option will not be applicable to the test of the English/Hindi language. Whichever language you choose, the language test will contain questions from the same language only.

IBPS RRB Scale 3 Books 2024

Good study material is a storehouse for success in any examination. A good book can make or break your RRB Scale 3 exam preparation, so it is very important to choose books that prove to be helpful in the exam. The list of RRB Scale 3 books mentioned below will definitely help you to enlarge your knowledge base.

Reasoning A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning R.S. Aggarwal
Analytical Reasoning MK Pandey
How to Crack Test of Reasoning: In All Competitive Exam Arihant Publication
A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal and Non-Verbal B.S. Sijwali & Indu Sijwali
Quantitative Aptitude Magical book on Quicker Maths M Tyra
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams R.S. Aggarwal
Fast Track Objective Arithmetic Rajesh Verma
Class Notes SS Bharti
General Awareness Banking Awareness Arihant Publication
Static General Knowledge Arihant Publication
General Knowledge Lucent
Banking Awareness Handbook of Banking Information N.S Toor
English Language High School English Grammar and Composition Wren and Martin
Objective General English SP Bakshi
Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis
Daily News Paper and Vocabulary Preferable The Hindu
Hindi Language IBPS RRBs Objective General Hindi Kiran Editorial
Computer Awareness Objective Computer Awareness S.N. Prasad/Kiran Publication
Objective Computer Awareness for General Competitive Exams Pillai/Arihant Publication

IBPS RRB Scale 3 Preparation Tips & Strategies

Crafting a meticulous strategy is imperative for excelling in a competitive examination such as the IBPS RRB Scale 3 exam. It requires a combination of committed and astute efforts to effectively cover the IBPS RRB Scale 3 syllabus within the allotted time frame. Presented below are invaluable tips and strategies that will greatly assist you in preparing for the IBPS RRB Scale 3 exam.

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Exam Pattern: Begin by thoroughly understanding the IBPS RRB Scale 3 exam pattern, including the number of sections, marking scheme, and duration. This lays the groundwork for your preparation strategy.
  • Analyze the Syllabus in Depth: Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the IBPS RRB Scale 3 syllabus. Identify your strengths and weaknesses within each section to plan your study approach effectively.
  • Develop a Realistic Study Schedule: Create a feasible study schedule that allows for balanced coverage of all sections. Allocate time based on the importance of topics and your proficiency level in each.
  • Utilize High-Quality Study Resources: Invest in reputable IBPS RRB Scale 3 study materials or courses that offer accurate content and practice questions aligned with the exam pattern and syllabus.
  • Practice Regularly with Mock Tests: Regularly take IBPS RRB Scale 3 mock tests to acquaint yourself with the exam environment, evaluate your progress, and pinpoint areas needing improvement.
  • Master Time Management: Hone your time-management skills by practicing solving questions within the allotted time frame. This is crucial for completing the exam within the specified duration.
  • Maintain Consistent Revision: Establish a revision schedule to revisit important concepts and formulas regularly. Regular revision reinforces your understanding and retention of key information.
  • Stay Updated with Current Affairs: Keep abreast of current affairs, particularly in the General Knowledge/General Awareness section. Stay informed by reading newspapers, magazines, and online sources.
  • Prioritize a Healthy Lifestyle: Maintain a balanced lifestyle with sufficient sleep, proper nutrition, and regular exercise. A healthy mind and body significantly contribute to effective learning and retention.
  • Cultivate Positivity and Confidence: Foster a positive mindset and confidence in your preparation. Trust in your capabilities, remain focused, and approach the exam with a composed and confident demeanor.

IBPS RRB Scale 3 Free Mock Tests

To keep up with the evolving question trends in exams, ixamBee provides complimentary mock tests for practice. Upon registration, you unlock a wealth of learning, practice, and testing opportunities. These free IBPS RRB Scale 3 mock tests serve as invaluable aids in your preparation for the IBPS RRB Scale 3 exam, steering you toward success. Seize this opportunity to acquaint yourself with the exam format, refine your skills, and boost your confidence, thereby optimizing your prospects of attaining a favorable outcome in the examination.

IBPS RRB Scale 3 Online Course

The impending release of the IBPS RRB Scale 3 notification 2024 heralds the opportune moment to initiate your exam groundwork. However, the daunting task lies in navigating through the extensive array of study materials. To mitigate this confusion, ixamBee offers the IBPS RRB Scale 2 and Scale 3 Online Course—a comprehensive solution meticulously curated to furnish you with premium study resources. Crafted by our proficient experts through thorough scrutiny of past exam trends and an exhaustive analysis of the IBPS RRB Scale 3 syllabus, this course guarantees access to the most pertinent and efficacious preparation material. With ixamBee's unwavering commitment to excellence, you can embark on your journey toward triumph in the IBPS RRB Scale 3 exam with assurance, knowing you are equipped with a meticulously crafted and expert-endorsed study asset.

IBPS RRB Scale 3 Officer - Free Mock Tests

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IBPS RRB Scale 3 Officer 2023 Mock Test 2

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IBPS RRB Scale 3 Officer 2023 Mock Test 1

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There will be 5 sections in the IBPS RRB Scale 3 exam i.e. Quantitative Aptitude, Test of Reasoning, Computer Knowledge, General Awareness and English/Hindi Language*.
Yes, we have a IBPS RRB Scale 3 comprehensive course. Please visit the Online course section for further details.
You can get the complete list of IBPS RRB Scale 3 Books on our syllabus page. You can also visit our YouTube channel for detailed strategy on cracking IBPS RRB Scale 3 exam.

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