From the following, which is correct about equal remuneration act 1976? 

i.             There is equal pay for equal work for both men and women       

ii.            No citizen shall be only at the ground of sex be ineligible in respect of any employment

iii.           The act applies only to the full time employees of an organisation

iv            The act applies to all the whole of India

A Only i and ii only Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Only i and iii only Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Only i, ii and iv only Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Only ii, iii and iv only Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E All the above Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


The Doctrine of ‘equal pay for equal work’ is not a fundamental right but a Constitutional right. Equal remuneration for men and women is the right of an employee without any qualification. The Act of Equal Remuneration, 1976 was enacted to comply with the provisions of Directive Principle of State Policy (DPDP) under Article 39. The Act doesn’t make a distinction like employment or the period of employment and applies to all workers even if engaged only for a day or few days.

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