Consider the following pairs:
Practice Purpose

A Silviculture : production of silk Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Apiculture : maintenance of honey bee colonies Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Sericulture : artificial breeding of fishes Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D All of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Pair 1 is not matched correctly. Silviculture - replenish Forests - is the practice of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health, and quality of forests to meet diverse needs and values.
Pair 2 is matched correctly. Apiculture - Bee-keeping - is the maintenance of honey bee colonies, commonly in hives, by humans.
Pair 3 is not matched correctly. Sericulture - production of Silk - is the rearing of silkworms for the production of silk. The breeding, rearing, and transplantation of fish by artificial means is called pisciculture.
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