Directions: In the following question, three columns are given. Column 1 and Column 3 contain three phrases each and Column 2 contains a part of speech/a word. Connect the phrases in Column 1 with a part of speech/word from Column 2 and another phrase from Column 3. Choose the option, that contains a grammatically and contextually correct statement thus formed, as the answer.

(A)The focus on the hydrogen value chain


(D) the potential to become an alternative technology supplier to the globe.

(B)The plan would make Reliance the largest renewable infrastructure producer


(E)significant opportunities to decarbonise energy operations.

(C)The oil-to-telecom conglomerate plans


(F) create four giga-factories offering the entire spectrum of renewable energy solutions.

A A-i-E Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B B-ii-D Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C C-ii-E Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D A-ii-D Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E C-iii-F Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


A- i is grammatically incorrect after A. B- ii does not connect B and D. C- ii does not connect C and E. D- ii does not connect A and D. E- this is correct.

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