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      Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below. Ranking of seven friends A,B,C,D,E,F, and G, each of whom play a different game among Chess, Badminton, Table Tennis, Snooker , Kho kho, Volleyball, Basketball are given and they are ranked according to their height, with 1 being the tallest and 7 the shortest. C play Kho kho, and he is taller than F but shorter than G. F is the shortest in height, and he play neither Badminton nor Volleyball. E, play table Tennis, and he is taller than both C and G but shorter than B. D gets rank 2, and he play neither Chess nor Snooker. B plays basketball, and he is not the tallest. The student who plays Snooker is the tallest. D doesn’t play Badminton.

      Which of the following game does E like?

      A Snooker Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      B Basketball Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      C Table tennis Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      D Chess Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
      E Kho kho Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


      The data given in the questions are arranged in the table below. Since D does not like Badminton, Chess, and snooker, the only game left for him is Volleyball. According to the ranking C is taller than F but shorter than G i.e.G > C > F , also E is taller than both C & G but shorter than B and it is already given that G is taller than C so the ranking will be: B > E > G > C > F Since F is the shortest so he will not play snooker, also it is mention that it does not play Volleyball and Badminton so the game left for him is chess. D is ranked 2ndso it is taller than B, E, G, C and F. The only person left is A so it will be tallest and it will play snooker, and G will play the only game left i.e. Badminton.

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