Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions. A Company ‘R’ has four batches for Production department. Each employee is given an entry code. The entry code of each of the employee of a particular batch is the same on a particular day. The names of the batches are A, B, C and D. Working days are from Monday to Saturday. The code for the employees of batch A on a particular day interchanges its code with  Batch D on succeeding days and the code for the employees of batch B on a particular day interchanges its code with  Batch C on succeeding days. Here are   the codes of each batch on Monday(1st May, 2017) Day’s Pass Code (Entry code) Batch A: study could pave the way to much more advanced Batch B: the pave could study way advanced more much to Batch C: to much more advanced way  study could pave the  Batch D: advanced more much to way   the pave could   study  

The entry codes for which of the following batches of Tuesday will not change on Thursday?

A Batch A Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Batch B Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Batch C Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Batch D Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E All of the above Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


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