Given below are four jumbled sentences. Out of the given options pick the one that gives their correct order.

A.      “We are going to the market,” declared Reetu and Geetu.

B.      “Where are you going?” the father asked.

C.      “Take your umbrella, it is going to rain,” the mother said.

D.      “Yes, definitely. We will,” replied the two.

A BACD Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B DCAB Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C ABDC Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D BCDA Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Here, the first sentence should be the one asked by the father. Everyone will ask where the other person is going first. So, B comes first. The answer to this is in A. So, it is the second sentence. The third sentence is the advice by the, C is the third. Its answer is in D. So, it is the fourth sentence. So, the correct order is BACD.

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