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Bank Of Maharashtra AFO 2022 Mock Test 1

Bank Of Maharashtra AFO 2022 Mock Test 1

  • 60 Minutes
  • 50 Questions
  • 100 Marks
Bank Of Maharashtra AFO 2022 Mock Test 2

Bank Of Maharashtra AFO 2022 Mock Test 2

  • 60 Minutes
  • 50 Questions
  • 100 Marks
Bank of Maharashtra AFO Previous Year Paper 2021

Bank of Maharashtra AFO Previous Year Paper 2021

  • 60 Minutes
  • 50 Questions
  • 100 Marks

Bank of Maharashtra AFO Free Mock Test 2022


Government jobs are always in high demand not only for the perks and benefits they provide but also for the social prestige, job satisfaction and stability that they provide to an individual career. Hence, it is no exception that the BOM AFO exam is hugely popular among job aspirants and a golden opportunity to work in the public banking sector. The Bank of Maharashtra AFO practice papers will cover all the topics mentioned in the latest syllabus. Thus, ixamBee’s mock tests for Bank of Maharashtra are your best bet to monitor your preparation level and assess your strengths and improvement areas.

Key Features of BOM AFO Mock Test 2022

Kindly go over the key features of the BOM AFO free mock tests to understand how they can augment your exam preparation.

  • Know the Exam

Before you start preparing for your exam, it would be a good idea to understand the BOM AFO exam and what it entails with the help of the BOM AFO free mock tests. In this way, you will know exactly where and how to start preparing. So be sure to analyze the BOM AFO exam pattern and syllabus 2022 while you take these mock tests.

  • Language Choice

The Bank of Maharashtra AFO free mock tests have been provided in Hindi and/or English at ixamBee. We hope this will allow you to continue your preparation feasibly without facing any sort of language barrier.

  • Anchor

In every sense of it, the BOM AFO mock tests should be the anchor of your exam preparation. You must revisit these tests from time to time in order to assess your progress and preparation. It would not be excessive to say that your mock tests should bind your exam preparation together.

  • Corresponding Study

Lastly, the purpose behind the entire endeavour is to ensure that you get the top-notch preparation that will help you ultimately clear this exam. you must use the BOM AFO free test series as a tool to plan your schedule for the weeks ahead. Also, you must review your preparation from time to time with the help of the mock tests once again.

BOM AFO Mock Tests | Practice for free 2022

To stand still is to fall behind” -Mark Twain

To prepare well for your Bank of Maharashtra AFO recruitment 2021, you need to learn as well as put your learnings into practice. With 100 vacancies and a single online examination with no negative marking, the competition and cut-offs are expected to be high. But do not let competition or syllabus or your level of preparation overwhelm you. If you want to overcome your weaknesses and gain an upper edge over your peers, ixamBee provides an exhaustive Bank of Maharashtra AFO online course.

Benefits of attempting the BOM AFO Mock Test Series

Do you want to understand how these mock exams can help you prepare for your exam? Then, go ahead and read the following points carefully.

  • Habit of Practice

First and foremost, it is of fundamentally important that your practice what you are studying repeatedly through your preparation and especially more so, before the exam. Only through enough exercise with the help of the BOM AFO free mock tests can you envision to clearing this exam. Please know that there is no substitute for this practice.

  • Speed

In continuation with the previous point, it is very important for you to work on your speed as well for the Bank of Maharashtra AFO exam. It will not suffice you to simply answer the questions correctly. What you need is to solve questions fast in order to attempt the maximum number of questions that you can, correctly. This will automatically increase your chances of success.

  • Theory + Practice

As you may have already understood by now, the BOM AFO free mock tests offer multifaceted and multidimensional benefits to your BOM AFO exam preparation. You will be able to understand all the nitty-gritties of the exam that you may miss otherwise with only theoretical study. 

  • Bye Bye Anxiety

If you have any anxiousness concerning the exam, or in general, if taking exams worries you, the mock tests are a great way to eliminate this fear. Once you familiarize yourself with the exam with the help of mock tests, your nervousness will remove itself from the scene.

How to attempt BOM AFO mock test?

If you want to attempt the BOM AFO free mock test, all you have to do is:

  • Visit ixamBee’s website at
  • Register yourself on the website, if you are not already registered
  • Click on the ‘Free Mock Test’ tab
  • Find the BOM AFO mock test from the menu. You will find it listed under the “Bank SO” section.
  • Click on ‘Take Test’ to begin your mock test.

Why choose ixamBee for BOM AFO mock test series?

There are ways in which you can get more out of your BOM AFO free mock test experience at ixamBee.

  • No Cost

Firstly, we provide the BOM AFO free mock tests completely free of cost designed by subject experts. You can avail of your mock test any time from anywhere! Just register yourself on the website to begin.

  • Real Exam

The mock tests are a simulation of the real computer-based test. Further, these tests have been curated after thorough research and analysis of exams by our experts who have been using their experience with the BOM AFO exam to design the best mock tests for aspirants.

  • Reattempts

You are more than welcome to take Multiple retakes of the BOM AFO free mock tests to self-analyze your performance. You can do so in order to improve your performance and your score in the exam. All reattempts are free as well.

  • Results and Solutions

You will also be provided with a scorecard at the end of your test. This scorecard will also give you an analysis of your performance in the exam. Lastly, you will also be able to compare scores with other test-takers. You will also get detailed explanations, related information and alternate solutions to difficult questions

  • Report Issue Feature

You are invited to give us your feedback of the BOM mock exam and your experience of taking it with ixamBee. You can also leave comments and suggestions for us by clicking on the “Report Issue” button at the bottom of your screen. You also have the option to get your queries resolved through this " Report Issue" feature.

Bank of Maharashtra AFO Exam Dates 2022

Bank of Maharashtra (AFO) Exam Dates 2021

EventsExam Dates
Online Registration and Payment of Online Fees/Intimation Charges September 01, 2021
Last Date for Submission of Bank of Maharastra Online Applications September 19, 2021
Bank of Maharastra Online Examination Date October 31, 2021
Bank of Maharashtra Interview December 20, 2021 to December 23, 2021.

Bank of Maharashtra AFO Exam Pattern

Name of TestNo. of QuestionsMaximum MarksDuration
Professional Knowledge 50 100 60 Minutes
Interview - 100 -

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  • Tushar Kanta Patra

    very informative and follows questions from all of the sector related to agriculture.

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In the off chance that you lose your internet connection during your Bank of Maharashtra AFO mock test, you will be able to resume the test from where you left off once your network is stable again. There is no need to restart the test again.
Yes, absolutely you can and absolutely you should! With ixamBee, you can avail of the BOM AFO mock exams multiple times as you see fit. Trust us, it will work wonders to augment your preparation.
Yes, you will be given your result along with an analysis report once you submit your BOM AFO mock test. You will also be able to compare your scores with other test-takers as well.
The BOM AFO mock test can be taken in Hindi and/or English. At ixamBee, we actively work towards providing aspirants with the best and most real learning experience. Therefore, the mock exam like the actual BOM AFO exam will also be bilingual.
By attempting the BOM AFO mock test, you will get an exact sense of what to expect from and in the exam. additionally, you will also be able to check your own preparation from time to time. This is a 360-degree preparation tool for your exam.
There is no limit the number of times that you can take the BOM AFO mock test at ixamBee. In fact, to be perfectly candid, we always encourage aspirants to go over the practice tests as many times as required to reap the best results in their favour.
When you take good-quality mock tests, based on the exact exam pattern and syllabus, you will be able to decide the level of assessment yourself. At ixamBee, we design our BOM AFO practice test series by taking into account years of analysis of past BOM AFO exams.
You can get the BOM AFO mock test series at ixamBee. Kindly visit our website to find the mock test from the menu and begin right away!
ixamBee provides the best BOM AFO practice test series available today that too free of cost. These mock exams are based on the latest BOM AFO syllabus and exam pattern 2022 that will help you prepare for your exam with the best resources available.
Yes, like we mentioned earlier, at ixamBee, we create our BOM AFO mock tests based on the latest BOM AFO exam pattern 2022. So, go ahead and practice for your exam without any delay.
You can get the BOM AFO mock test series at ixamBee. Kindly visit our website to find the mock test from the menu and begin right away!

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