In the given question, a set of conclusions is given. There are five options comprising of three or more statements. You need to choose the option that contains the set of statements from which the given conclusions logically follow.

No banana is a mango. No fruit may be banana. Some bananas may be guavas. 

A No fruit is a mango. Some mangoes are guavas. All guavas are bananas. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Some fruits are mangoes. All mangoes are guavas. No guava is a banana. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C All mangoes are guavas. Some guavas are bananas. Some fruits are mangoes. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D All fruits are mangoes. No guava is a banana. Some mangoes are guavas Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E Both 1st and 3rd. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


All mangoes are guavas (A) + No guava is a banana (E) ⇒ No mango is a banana (E) ⇒ Conversion ⇒ No banana is  a mango (E). Some fruits are mangoes (I) + All mangoes are guavas (A) ⇒ Some fruits are guavas (I) + No guava is a banana (E) ⇒  Some fruits are not bananas (O) ⇒ [Probable conclusion] ⇒ No fruit may be bananas. No guava is a banana (E) ⇒ Conversion ⇒ No banana is a guava ⇒ Some bananas are not guavas (O)  ⇒ [Probable conclusion] ⇒ Some bananas may be guavas (I). Hence, option 2 is correct.

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