Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.


As much as it is providing a boost to the local economy, excessive tourism is also spelling doom to the environmental sustainability of cities and livelihoods associated with it. Now there is push back from the locals in major European cities against tourism. Residents of Venice staged a protest in July against the menaces perpetual tourism has brought on to the city. Barcelona wants to tax the tourists to plug the influx.


I. Many of the tourists who comes to the country, does not care for environmental sustainability as they come to enjoy their holidays.

II. The reactions of the locals matter the most and the government adheres to their demands when it comes to tourism for boost of local economy.

III. The government may listen to the demands of the locals and take certain steps like taxing the tourists to insure that the serenity and beauty of such places is maintained.

A Only I follows Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Only 3 follows Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C 1 and 3 follow Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Only 2 follows Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E 1 and 2 follow Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Reaction of the locals does matter to the government to some extent but the government never adheres to all the demands of the locals. The 3rd assumption may be a course of action for the government but it is not an assumption.

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