study the following information carefully and answer the given questions given below: Nine people P, Q, R, T, U, V, W, X and Y are living in a nine storey building .The ground floor is numbered 1 and the topmost floor is numbered 9. All of them like a different colour, viz Red, Green, Blue, Violet, Pink, Black, Purple, White and Yellow, but not necessarily in the same order. (i) Q likes Violet and lives on an even numbered floor. Y also lives on even numbered floor but he is not above the floor of Q. U lives on the second floor and likes Blue. (ii) The one who likes White lives on the fourth floor. The one who lives on the third floor likes Yellow. Y does not like White. (iii) There are two floors between the floors on which the persons who like Pink and Violet, live. (iv)There are three floors between the floors on which W and R live. W likes Green and R does not live on topmost floor. (v)T does not like Yellow and he does not live on the ground floor. (vi)There is one floor between the floor on which T and R live. V lives on a floor immediately above P’s floor. (vii) The one who lives on the topmost floor likes Red. There is only one floor between the ones who like Purple and Violet.

How many persons are living between the floors on which P and T lives?

A One Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Two Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Three Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D More than three Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


From (i), it is clear that both Q and U are on even numbered floor and since, U is on 2ndfloor, only 4th,6th and 8th floor are there for Q and Y. Since, Y is not above Q, there are two possibilities: Possibility (a) – Q at 8thand Y at 6thfloor. Possibility (b) – Q at 6thand Y at 4thfloor. But statement (ii) says, that one who likes white lives on 4thfloor and Y does not like white, possibility (b) is not possible. Hence, we will go with possibility (a) which is Q at 8th(likes Violet) and Y at 6thfloor. Statement (ii) also says that person on 3rd floors likes Yellow. From (iii), it is clear that the person who likes pink is on the 5thfloor. From (vii), we can say that the person who likes red is on the 9thfloor and also the person who likes purple lives on the 6thfloor . From (v), T is not on the 1stfloor and also since he does not like Yellow, he is not on the 3rdfloor. From (iv), neither W nor R can be at the 9thfloor, as W likes green and R is not at the topmost floor. Also as W likes green, only two floors .i.e 7thand 1st, are left for W. Hence, there are two possibilities for W and R : Possibility (a) – W at 7thfloor and R at 3rdfloor. Possibility (b) - R at 5thfloor and W at 1stfloor. But we can see in the above table that T cannot be at 1stor 3rdfloor. Now (vi), says that there is one floor between the floor on which T and R live. Hence, R also cannot be at 3rdfloor. Therefore, possibility (a) cannot be correct. Hence, we will go ahead with the possibility (b) which is R at 5thand W at 1stfloor and also from (vi), it is clear that T will be on the 7thfloor. Only colourBlack is left for T, hence T likes Black. From (vi), it is also clear that V and P will be on 4thand 3rdfloors respectively. Now only person left for 9thfloor is X. Final arrangement will be as follows:

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