Below is given a passage followed by several possible inferences which can be drawn from the facts stated in the passage. You have to examine each inference separately in the context of the passage and decide upon the degree of truth or falsity. Mark answer For tribal farmers in Pachamalai who ventured into pineapple cultivation it has been a dismal season. The yield has been poor due to depleting groundwater and also due to failure of the north-east monsoon. The farmers had taken up pineapple cultivation for the first time under WADI, an integrated tribal development programme being implemented by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development in the hills. According to a cross section of farmers, the fruits were far below the normal size. The NABARD had distributed saplings to 53 farmers -- 34 in Tiruchi district and 19 in Salem district. The plant needs to be pruned to avoid secondary or tertiary flowering. “The size of the successive fruits is quite small and cannot be marketed. Hence, the need for pruning the plant,” said S. Lingeswararn, co-ordinator, Hand-in-Hand, a service organisation which is implementing the NABARD programme at Pachamalai.   Each farmer was given 200 saplings so that they could harvest 200 fruits at the end of the year. Though the yield during the first year was appreciable, the yield during the current season was quite poor, says Mani, another coordinator. The tribal farmers were also trained on marketing the fruits. As jackfruit is also cultivated in the hills, the pineapple was marketed along with the jackfruit to the agents. Farmers complain that the price is not attractive as they are forced to sell the fruits only to jackfruit dealers for want of an alternative. They want the State government to ensure adequate marketing avenue for pineapples.

Had the farmers adapted proper pruning technique for the plants, they would have received a good yield.

A If the inference is ‘definitely true’ i.e. it properly follows form the statement of the facts given Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B If the inference is ‘probably true’ though not ‘definitely true’ in the light of the facts given Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C If the ‘data are inadequate’ i.e. from the facts given you cannot say whether the inference is likely to be true or false Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D If the inference is ‘probably false’ though not ‘definitely false’ in the light of the facts given Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E If the inference is ‘definitely false’ i.e. it cannot possibly be drawn from the facts given, for it contradicts the given facts Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Passage suggests that proper pruning technique could have led to an improvement in the yield. However, other factors such as depleting groundwater and failure of the north-east monsoon have also been mentioned as reasons for the poor yield. The inference is 'probably true'.

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