In each question below a statement is given followed by two courses of action numbered I and II. A course of action is a practicable and feasible step or administrative decision to be taken for follow – up, improvement, or further action in regard to the problem, policy, etc. On the basis of the information given in the statement, you have to assume everything in the statement to be true, and decide which of the suggested courses of action logically follows(s) pursuing.

Statement: As per a report, more than 2 crore cases are pending in India’s district courts

Courses of actions:

I . Beyond the larger reforms in the justice system to reduce pendency, special courts set up to try corruption cases should be strengthened and time limits to process corruption cases should be introduced.

II . The burden of day-to-day activity should be removed from judges and given to administrative officials.

A if only I follows. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B if only II follows. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C if either I or II follows. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D if neither I nor II follows. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


The correct answer is A

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