Statement : A vulnerability in Wi-Fi encryption has sent the entire tech industry scrambling; the so-called Krack attack affects nearly every wireless device to some extent, leaving them subject to hijacked internet connections. 

Courses of Action:

I. Replace the devices which use internet connectivity in order to ensure that your internet connection is not hijacked.

II. Get the security vulnerabilities and bugs fixed for all the devices that use internet connections.

III. Refrain from using internet until the Krack attack is resolved.

A Both I and III Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Only III Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Both II and III Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Only II Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E All of the above Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Replacement of all the devices is not the most convenient or fruitful step thus I will not be a course of action. Regular checking of security vulnerabilities and getting the bugs fixed merely requires updating the devices. Thus, it is a course of action. Refraining from using the internet is not a solution but is avoiding the problem. Thus, it isn’t the correct course of action.