The case Badruddin Rukonddim Karpude v. State of Maharashtra relates to_____.

A Section 11 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Section 9 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Section 8 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Section 6 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


In the matter of Badruddin Rukonddim Karpude and others Vs. State of Maharashtra, it is held by the Supreme Court that where in a prosecution for murder apart from the witnesses whose testimony could not be relied on there was evidence of other witnesses also, supported by the testimony of a wholly independent witness, that the names of the accused were mentioned to him as the assailants of the deceased while beating of the deceased was in progress the information conveyed to such witness being part of the res gestae was admissible and the accused in question could be convicted on the basis of corroboration furnished by the evidence of such witness.

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