What does the word 'ambilbian' means ?

A Three lives Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Four lives Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C One life Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Two lives Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


The word amphibian is a Greek word. It is the combination of the word “amphi” which means dual , or both kinds and the word “bio” which means life . The translation would be of “both kinds of life”. The definition refers to the fact that most amphibians live their lives in two different stages in two different environments….. water and land, first as tadpoles and then as terrestrial adult frog. This is true for many species, but there are a lot of amphibians that do not follow this life strategy. Some salamanders do not have an aquatic larval stage. Some amphibians are fully aquatic and do not go through metamorphosis into adults (axolotls).

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