In each of these questions, a paragraph is given that has blank in it. Five sentences (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5) are suggested. Out of these, only one fits the blank in the context of the paragraph. Pick that sentence as the answer.

With the advent of robo advisors, customised financial and investment advisory is just a click or a tap away. These advisory platforms dole out tailormade investment suggestions based on your goals, using an algorithm. ………………………………………………… . Based on the input data, the platform recommends suitable asset allocation and schemes for investment.

A There are three different fee models and charges depending on which one you choose. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Besides on your life goals, they also get data such as your salary, investible surplus, age, investment horizon and risk appetite Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C This is usually linked to the quantum of investments facilitated by the platform. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Whenever a customer invests into a mutual fund scheme through the platform, the respective fund house pays the platform a commission Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


The correct answer is B

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