In the following questions, two columns are given, Column 1 and Column 2. Each column contains 3 phrases. Match the phrases in Column 1 with the phrases in Column 2, so that they form grammatically and contextually correct sentences. If no such statements can be formed, choose option 5, “None of these” as your answer.

Column (1)

Column (2)

(A) With incremental fuel price hikes only kicking in during the latter half of March

(D) the full impact of higher global oil prices being passed on to consumers.

(B) While food inflation was the key driver for the headline inflation rate jump in March

(E) with the overall consumer food price index racing to 7.68% from 5.85% in February.

(C) Urban inflation has usually tended

(F) to be higher than rural inflation.

A A-D and B-E Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Only C-F Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C A-E and C-D Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D B-D and C-F Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


A and B do not have a pair. They do not give a complete meaning when combined. C forms perfect pairs with F.

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