Given below are four jumbled sentences. Select the option that gives their correct order

A. However, they ignore the truth that progress and success are proportional to the labor they put in.

B. The general human tendency is to find faults in the policies framed by the government.

C. They blame the government for their slow progress, expecting miracles and magical transformation in their life.

D. So people openly criticize and condemn the policy makers.

A BDCA Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B DBAC Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C CDAB Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D ABCD Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Here, only B can introduce the topic. So, it is the first sentence. D comes next because it takes upon the idea and says what people do after finding faults- blaming and criticising the government. C comes next. First, a general assumption is stated and in C, it is pointed down to an example. A is the last sentence. It says that these people who blame others forget that they are to be blamed too.

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