Match List I with List II

Match the weed in List I with their bio-control agent in List II

List I

List II


Bio-control agent

A. Orobanche

I. Cassia tora

B. Parthenium

II. Teleonemia scrupulosa

C. Lantana camara

III. Colletotrichum gloeosporides

D. Cuscuta

IV. Phytomyza

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

A A-IV, B- I, C- II, D - III Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B A-II, B- IV, C- I, D - III Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C A-III, B-I, C-IV, D - II Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D A-II, B- I, C- IV, D- III Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Biocontrol agent against different weeds are as follows 1.Phytomyza against Orobanche 2 Cassia tora weed control Parthenium 3.Telenemia scrupulosa control Lanatana camara 4. Collectotrichum gloeosporides control Cuscuta

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