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Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is most likely to release RBI Assistant notification in 2019. The long-awaited RBI Assistant 2017 results were recently released and therefore there is a high probability that RBI might release vacancies for RBI Assistant in 2019. RBI Assistant would be a great opportunity for students who have been waiting for two years for the exam so that they can make their career in RBI.

Online Course for RBI Assistant 2019

RBI releasing notification for RBI Assistant is not in your hands, however preparing for the RBI Assistant exam is. Stop pondering over questions like “Will RBI release notification?”, “How many vacancies will be there?” etc., rather think of what strategies will help you crack RBI Assistant exam. ixamBee has launched RBI Assistant 2019 online course, a comprehensive Online Learning Course for preparation of RBI Assistant Phase I and Phase II exam in 2019. This Online Course is designed by Ms. Arunima Sinha (Coach for Banking exams for 6 years, Ex-Manager SIDBI, Ex-Bank PO), Mr. Chandraprakash Joshi (ex-RBI GR B, MBA-Finance, Ph.D.) and Mr. Karan Sardana (Coach for Bank, SSC, Insurance, Police MAT, CLAT Exams for 10 years), Ms. Veena.M (B.S.C Agriculture), Ms. SatakshiNaithani (Master’s degree in Technology).

RBI Assistant Exam Preparation 2019

As RBI Assistant Exams was not conducted last year, there will be huge number of aspirants waiting for the exam this year. You need to be well prepared to be ahead in the competition and therefore RBI Assistant Online coaching and RBI Assistant online test series are the need of the hour for you. RBI Assistant Online course has been prepared by ixamBee experts after thorough and detailed analysis (as per the previous and the expected exam pattern), so as to provide proper guidance and the relevant study material required for RBI Assistant exam preparation at one platform.


  • 350+ Video lessons covering entire syllabus for Phase I and Phase II exam.
  • 80+ Video lessons out of 350 videos prepared exclusively for RBI Assistant Phase II exam covering Computer Knowledge and General awareness sections in detail.
  • Study notes in PDF format especially for Computer Knowledge and General Awareness Section, and wherever else required for easy learning and quick revision.
  • 3000+ Questions divided into Easy, Moderate and High Levels for each chapter for all the subjects to help you prepare systematically.
  • 15 mock tests for RBI Assistant Phase 1 and 5 mock tests for RBI Assistant Phase 2 exam.
  • Live Classes for doubt clarification with the subject experts where you can get all your queries related to any subject clarified.


  • In spite of the syllabus being exhaustive, our experts have devised strategy and prepared such a course structure which will enable you to not only clear but excel in the RBI Assistant examination.
  • All the Video lessons have to-the-point, crisp and relevant study content.
  • The video lessons are self-explanatory and available for the students to access them and prepare during the time most feasible for them.
  • The course also provides enough practice in the form Concept Clearing Questions after each Video Lesson.
  • Live online classes will be conducted by our esteemed faculty Ms. Arunima Sinha, Mr. Chandraprakash Joshi and Mr. Karan Sardana, Ms. Veena.M, Ms. SatakshiNaithani for discussions and doubts clarifications.
  • Apart from study content; Guidance, Tips and Preparation Strategy from Subject Experts at each stage of preparation is also provided.
  • We believe in smart and focussed study and thus prepare the schedule which enables a student to cover the entire course within the given time frame.

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Profile of the faculty and Course Coordinator


Brief profile

Expertise for the RBI Assistant course

Chandra Prakash Joshi

Ex-RBI Grade B Officer, promoted to AGM. Has worked as Senior VP with YES Bank. B.Sc.Agri (Hons) and PhD MBA (Finance) from ISB Hyderabad

Exam cracking strategy Phase 2 and General Awareness for Phase 2. Taking live classes regularly

Arunima Sinha

Ex-Grade B Officer SIDBI, Ex-Bank PO. Since 2010 she is teaching for competitive exams and has successfully coached more than thousands students. B A (Hons.)- English

Exam strategy for Phase 1 and Phase II. Faculty for Quant, Reasoning and English Descriptive English for Phase 2. Taking live classes regularly

Karan Sardana

B.Tech. Expert faculty for Quantitative Aptitude (Maths) and Reasoning for Banking and SSC exams for last 10 years.

Expertise in High level maths questions for Phase 1 and Phase II. Prepares questions and also available in the live classes. Taking live classes for Phase 1.


Has earlier worked with Accenture as a software engineer. Holds a Master’s degree in Technology. Was awarded scholarship for proficiency in language.

Expertise in English Language, Reasoning and Computer. Prepares high level content for these subjects.


B.Sc. Agri, MBA, Content Expert for Economics and Social Issues including general Awareness.

Preparing high level questions for General Awareness. Takes live classes for General Awareness.

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FAQ Related to RBI Assistant Course

A. Click Here to subscribe to RBI Assistant 2019 online course . In case any more clarification/assistance is required, please call at 92055 24028 or send an email to
A.The Video Lessons are available for viewing on ixamBee Website/Dashboard. You need to login to > Dashboard > Online Course>RBI Assistant 2019 Online Course > Select the subject and click on the Video Lesson you want to watch from the list.
A. Almost all video lessons for fundamental learning are available as soon as you enrol for the course. We regularly keep on adding videos and improving the content therefore further Video Lessons will be made available in a sequential manner to maintain a proper flow and help in the ease of understanding of concepts. New Video Lesson upload will be informed through email.
A.Yes, any Video Lesson uploaded once can be viewed anytime/ multiple times on ixamBee Website.
A. Course is valid till selection.
A.Only Dynamic Study notes are downloadable. Static notes can be only viewed but not downloaded.
A.The online classes are conducted through a separate platform like WizIQ. Before each Live Class, a link will be shared through email (provided to us at the time of enrolment) through which the Live Online Class can be joined.
A. No, there is no specific requirement. You should just have good working internet for attending Live classes and watching Video Lessons.
A. We encourage all participants to attend Live Online Classes. Even if they don’t have any doubt themselves, the discussion that happens over doubts of others’ is also very enriching and helpful in exam preparation. Sometimes very important points are discussed as part of these discussions. However, in case of genuine reasons for not being able to attend a class, we may decide to share the recording of the class, on case to case basis.
A. The Live Online Classes are conducted at a time convenient for the participants of a Batch. We conduct day time as well as evening time classes at 9:30 – 11:00 PM (for the convenience of working participants).
A. Yes, the course covers entire syllabus. Still, for fundamentals and some concepts, nothing beats studying content from some specific authors. The same will be suggested during the course to supplement your knowledge. Likewise, the course will cover General Awareness section, but still reading a good national daily newspaper is highly recommended. Such tips and preparation guidance will be provided during the course.