PNB SO Credit Officer Scale 1 Exam Syllabus 2023: Check Subject Wise Syllabus

By Susheel Ragade | Updated on: Jun 09, 2023

PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) Exam Pattern & Syllabus 2023

After the public sector bank merger in 2020, Punjab National Bank has become the second-largest public sector bank in India. Therefore, preparing for the PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) exam 2023 requires extra attention due to its significance and the high competition in today's competitive landscape. Taking the exam lightly is not an option. To ensure effective preparation, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of every detail related to the PNB SO Credit Officer (Scale 1) exam. This includes being well-informed about the PNB SO exam pattern 2023, as it will provide you with the clarity on the level of focus required for each subject. In order to succeed, it is crucial to give the exam preparation the dedication and effort it deserves.

The PNB SO Credit Officer selection process will be conducted in the following manner-

  • Written/Online Test
  • Personal Interview

It is important to note that the selection will be based on Online Test followed by Interview or Personal Interview only, depending on the applications received by the Bank against each post.

The next step is to thoroughly review the syllabus for the PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) exam. This will assist you in identifying the crucial topics that are frequently included in the exam. Familiarizing yourself with the PNB SO syllabus 2023 will allow you to develop an effective exam strategy, which will greatly benefit you on the day of the exam. By understanding the syllabus first, you can prioritize your study areas and approach the exam with confidence.

Scenario 1

Written/ Online Test followed by Interview

In case the Bank decides to hold an Online Test, the PNB SO exam pattern will be as under.

PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) Written/Online Test Exam Pattern

The PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) Written/Online Test consists of two parts. Part 1 will comprise of three sections, i.e. Reasoning, English Language and Quantitative Aptitude. On the other hand, in Part 2 you will have questions from Professional Knowledge (domain specific). Both parts will carry 100 marks each, and will be held on the same day. Take a look at the table below for the detailed PNB SO exam pattern 2023

PartsSectionNumber of QuestionsMaximum MarksDuration
Part 1 Reasoning 25 25 2 hours
English Language 25 25
Quantitative Aptitude 50 50
 Part 2 Professional Knowledge  100 100

Note: Candidates must qualify all the tests of Part 1. This is because Part 2 (Professional Knowledge test) will be evaluated only for those candidates who clear each paper in Part 1.

PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) Syllabus

Part 1 Syllabus

As mentioned above, the PNB SO exam pattern is divided into two parts, i.e Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 is common for all posts and comprises subjects like Reasoning, English Language and Quantitative Aptitude. Take a look at the detailed syllabus of Part 1 in the table below.

Quantitative Aptitude Simplification and approximation, Number Series, Quadratic Equation, Number System / HCF & LCM, Ratio and Proportion, Average, Partnership, Ages, Percentage, Profit & Loss, Time, Speed & Distance, Problems on Trains, Boat and Stream, Time & Work / Pipes and Cisterns, Simple and Compound Interest, Mixture & Allegations, Permutation and Combination, Probability, Data Interpretation (DI), Caselet DI and Data Sufficiency
English Language Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Passage Making, Error Spotting, Jumble Words, Sentence Framing, Fill in the blanks
Reasoning Ability Puzzles, Seating Arrangement- Circular, Square & Linear, Data Sufficiency, Directions and Distance, Coding Decoding, Blood relations, Inequality, Syllogism, Machine input and output, Verbal Reasoning, Ordering and Ranking, Arrangement and Pattern, Scheduling, Distance and Direction, Ranking

Part 2 Syllabus

Part 2 of the Written/Online Test is dedicated to testing Professional Knowledge in your chosen subject. Having a comprehensive grasp of the Professional Knowledge syllabus is crucial for success in the PNB SO exam 2023. The detailed syllabus for Professional Knowledge is mentioned in the table below. 

Accounting Concepts Marginal Costing, Social Accounting, Absolute Costing, Cost Volume Profit Analysis, Activity-based Costing, Inventory valuation, Cost Sheet and work, Target Costing, Transfer pricing, Overview of Cost Accounting Guidelines of SEBI
Corporate Accounting Insurance of shares, Divisible Profits and Bonus Issues, Dividend Distribution, Final Accounts factories Act, Underwriting, Valuation of Goodwill and shares, Capital, Issues, Forfeiture, and Reissues of shares, Accounting for Amalgamation companies, Issues and Redemption of Debentures, Acquisition of Business and profits before Incorporation
Business Law Provident Fund, Industrial Dispute Act, Labor Law, Process Costing, Negotiable Instruments, Gratuity Act, Redemption of preference shares, Partnership act, Contract act, Marginal Cost and Cost Volume Profit
Management Accounting Ratio Analysis, Cash Flow Statement, Budgeting and Budgetary Control, Capital Market, Sources of Finance, Capital Structure, Company Law Analysis, Standard Costing and various Analysis, Capital Budgeting
Capital Structure Cost of capital, Funds flow statement, Sources of Finance, Job and Batch Costing, The material, Labor cost, and Overhead cost, Financial Statement Analysis, Sources of finance, Process Costing, Contract Costing, Budgeting and Budgetary Control
Economics Micro and Macro Economics concepts, Updates related to money market and RBI Policies, Money Market
Basic Accounting Principle and concepts of Accounting, How the RBI, IRDA, and SEBI works – Functioning

Personal Interview

Candidates who achieve the minimum qualifying marks set by the Bank in Part-I will be eligible for shortlisting for the Interview phase based on their merit in Part-II, which assesses their Professional Knowledge. This is provided that they meet the remaining PNB SO Scale 1 eligibility criteria concerning Educational Qualification and Post Qualification work experience for the specific post.

Furthermore, the PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) Personal Interview will carry a total of 50 marks. For the SC/ST candidates, the minimum qualifying marks in the interview will be 45% (22.50 marks), and 50% (25 marks) for candidates belonging to other categories.

Final selection will be made on the basis of the aggregate marks obtained in the Online Written Test Part 2, i.e Professional Knowledge Test and Interview.

Scenario 2

In case the Bank does not conduct the Online Test, the selection process will only consist of one stage, i.e Personal Interview.

Personal Interview

The PNB SO Personal Interview will carry a total of 50 marks. Furthermore, candidates will be required to submit supporting documents to validate their eligibility during the appropriate stage. Only those candidates who meet the eligibility criteria for the respective post based on the submitted documents will be invited for the Personal Interview. 

The minimum qualifying marks for the SC/ST candidates will be 45% (22.50 marks), and 50% (25 marks) for other candidates. Final selection will be made on the basis of the marks obtained by the candidates in the Personal Interview. 

Marking Scheme

The PNB has provided a set marking scheme for the PNB Credit Officer Scale 1 exam 2023. The marking scheme for the PNB SO Credit Officer Scale 1 exam is as follows.

Punjab National Bank (PNB) SO Scale 1 Marking Scheme

PNB SO Marking SchemeConsidered Marks
For wrong answers -1/4 marks
For not attempted 0 (no marks)

PNB SO Credit Officer (Scale 1) Preparation Tips & Strategies

To prepare properly for the PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) exam 2023, you will need a foolproof strategy, which will help you fare well on the day of the exam. For this purpose, we have listed down some tips and tricks that will enable you to streamline your preparation.

  • Get Familiar with the PNB SO Exam Pattern: Begin your preparation by understanding the PNB SO exam pattern 2023, including the sections, marks distribution, and duration of the exam. This will help you create a study plan and allocate time to each section accordingly.
  • Know the PNB SO Syllabus: Familiarize yourself with the PNB SO syllabus 2023 and topics covered in the exam. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to focus on the areas that require more attention.
  • Plan your Studies: Develop a study plan that suits your schedule and allows you to cover all the topics systematically. Devote sufficient time for each section and try to maintain consistency in your study routine.
  • Gather Study Materials: Collect relevant study materials, including textbooks, reference books, previous year question papers, and online resources. These materials will serve as your primary source of information and practice.
  • Time Management: Time management is crucial during the PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) exam. PNB SO Practice solving questions within the allotted time to enhance your speed. Additionally, learn time-saving techniques like prioritizing questions and skipping difficult ones initially to maximize your score.
  • Take Care of your Health: In addition to studying, make your health a priority. Ensure you get sufficient sleep, consume nutritious meals, and participate in physical activities to maintain your mind and body in the best possible state.

Subject-specific Study Techniques & Resources

To help you prepare all the subjects/topics assessed in the PNB SO Credit Officer (Scale 1) exam 2023 properly, we have provided subject-wise tips and strategies that will help you cover the PNB SO syllabus effectively, and in time.


  • To start your preparation for the Reasoning section of the PNB Credit Officer exam, it is crucial to understand the exam pattern and syllabus. This will help you familiarize yourself with the types of questions asked in this section.
  • The next step is to gain a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts and techniques used in Reasoning. Focus on topics like Coding-Decoding, Seating Arrangement, Puzzles, Syllogism, Direction, Ranking, etc., as they are commonly tested and carry significant marks.
  • Allocate regular time for practicing logical reasoning and data analysis questions. Start with easier questions and slowly progress to more challenging ones. The aim should be to improve your speed and accuracy. 
  • Once you have covered a good number of topics, practice with mock tests and previous year question papers to simulate exam conditions. This will help you become familiar with the question patterns, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and hone your time management skills.
  • Analyze your performance after attempting practice questions and mock tests. Focus on areas where you face difficulties and practice them specifically. Review your mistakes, understand the underlying logic, and take measures to avoid similar errors in the future.
  • By following these simplified tips and dedicating enough time and effort to logical reasoning and data analysis preparation, you can enhance your skills and excel in the Logical Reasoning and Data Analysis & Interpretation section of the PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) exam.

Quantitative Aptitude

  • To excel in the Quantitative Aptitude section of the PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) exam, consistent practice is essential. Start your preparation with easy topics such as Percentage, Ratio & Proportion, Mixture & Alligation, Average, Simplification, Partnership, etc.
  • Regularly practice solving quantitative aptitude questions, gradually progressing from basic to complex ones. Focus on improving both accuracy and speed in your calculations.
  • Since quantitative aptitude questions involve extensive calculations, learn and apply short tricks and tips to solve them faster. This will help you save time during the exam.
  • To enhance your preparation, practice with mock tests and previous year papers. This will allow you to analyze your performance, identify weak areas, and develop effective problem-solving approaches.
  • Maintain a consistent practice routine, emphasizing a strong foundation in basic concepts. Keep ample time for revision to reinforce your understanding.
  • With dedicated effort and regular practice, you can enhance your quantitative aptitude skills and perform well in the PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) exam.

English Language

  • To fare well in the English Languages section of the PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) exam, your main focus should be on improving your vocabulary by regularly reading English newspapers, magazines, and books.
  • Additionally, revise grammar rules such as tenses, articles, prepositions, subject-verb agreement, and sentence structure.
  • Another crucial aspect is the Reading Comprehension section. Practice reading comprehension passages to enhance your ability to understand and analyze the given information. Improve your reading speed while maintaining accuracy. Focus on details, main ideas, supporting evidence, and inference-based questions.
  • Solve various practice exercises and mock tests specifically designed for the English Language section. Concentrate on topics like error detection, sentence improvement, fill in the blanks, and sentence completion. These exercises will familiarize you with different question formats and improve your accuracy and speed.
  • Read English articles, editorials, and passages from diverse sources to enhance your comprehension skills and broaden your understanding of different writing styles. Analyze the author's tone, purpose, and perspective. Pay attention to vocabulary usage and sentence structures to enhance your language proficiency.

Professional Knowledge

  • Get a clear picture of the exam pattern for the Professional Knowledge section. Identify the number of questions, marks allotted, and the time duration. This will help you manage your time effectively during the exam.
  • You must begin by understanding the syllabus for the Professional Knowledge section. Take note of the specific topics that will be covered in the exam. This will guide your preparation and help you focus on the relevant areas.
  • Collect relevant study materials, such as textbooks, reference books, online resources, and relevant publications related to banking, finance, credit analysis, and risk management. These resources will serve as your primary study material.
  • Create a study schedule that allocates sufficient time for the Professional Knowledge section. Divide your time based on the weightage of each topic and ensure you cover all the essential areas before the exam.
  • Study and revise the core concepts of credit analysis, risk management, financial analysis, money markets, capital markets, and related areas. Make sure you have a solid understanding of these concepts before moving on to more advanced topics.
  • Stay updated with the latest developments and trends in the banking and credit industry. Read financial newspapers, magazines, and online publications to enhance your knowledge of current practices and regulatory changes.
  • Regularly take mock tests specifically designed for the PNB Credit Officer Scale 1 exam. This will provide you with a simulated exam environment and help you assess your preparation level. Analyze your performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Remember to stay focused, disciplined, and consistent in your preparation. With thorough study, practice, and a systematic approach, you can excel in the Professional Knowledge section of the PNB Credit Officer Scale 1 exam.

General Tips for PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) Preparation

  • Devise a Study Plan: Develop a study plan that covers all the subjects and topics included in the PNB SO syllabus. Set realistic goals and allocate sufficient time for each subject. Ensure that you have a balanced approach, giving equal importance to all sections.
  • Focus on Fundamentals: Strengthen your foundational knowledge in subjects like English, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning. Work on building a strong understanding of basic concepts, formulas, and problem-solving techniques.
  • Previous Year Question Papers: Solve PNB Credit Officer Scale 1 previous year question papers and sample papers to get familiar with the exam pattern and types of questions asked. It will also help you identify your weak areas and improve your time management skills.
  • Mock Tests: Take regular PNB SO Credit Officer mock tests and online practice quizzes to evaluate your progress and identify areas that need improvement. Analyze your performance, review incorrect answers, and focus on weak areas.
  • Revision: Regularly revise the topics you have studied to reinforce your learning. Create summary notes or flashcards to revise important concepts quickly.
  • Stay Calm and Confident: Maintain a positive mindset and stay calm during the exam. Confidence in your preparation and abilities will help you perform better.

Important Books

Choosing the right books for preparation is crucial as they can greatly impact your success in the PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) 2023 exam. To assist you in your preparation, we have compiled a list of recommended PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) books that can prove beneficial. Additionally, our website offers valuable resources and assistance for specific topics.

Reasoning Kiran’s Tricky Approach To Competitive Reasoning Verbal & Non Verbal (Fully Solved) 7000+objective Question Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability—English (Paperback, Kiran) Kiran
A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning R.S. Aggarwal
How to Crack Test of Reasoning: In all Competitive Exams Arihant Publications
Analytical Reasoning M K Pandey
English Language Corrective English AK Singh
Objective General English Arihant Publications
Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis
Quantitative Aptitude Quantitative Aptitude for All Competitive Examinations Abhijit Guha
Shortcuts in Quantitative Aptitude with 4 eBooks for Competitive Exams Disha Experts
Teach Yourself Quantitative Aptitude Arun Sharma
Quantitative Aptitude for competitive examination R.S.Agarwal
How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude Arun Sharma

PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) Free Mock Tests

To succeed in any exam, it is not sufficient to simply cover the syllabus. Having an effective progress tracking tool that helps you gauge your knowledge and boost your confidence is also essential. Mock tests serve as a valuable means of assessing your level of preparation. At ixamBee, we recognize this need, which is why we offer free PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) mock tests on our website. These tests are crucial and effective tools that aid aspirants in self-analysis. By attempting these tests, you can evaluate your readiness for the exam.

PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) Online Course

Online coaching is a highly convenient method for exam preparation, allowing you to study in the comfort of your own space. With the PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) Online Course, you will have the freedom to prepare for the exam anytime, anywhere. These online coaching classes for PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) 2023 will provide you with the advantage of replaying lectures multiple times, ensuring better understanding and retention. By enrolling in ixamBee's PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) online course 2023, you can excel in the exam and achieve outstanding results.

Preparing for the PNB Credit Officer (Scale 1) exam 2023 requires careful examination of the available information on the PNB SO syllabus, PNB SO exam pattern, resources, and preparation tips. Pay attention to the aforementioned details and utilize the resources effectively. Start your preparation without delay to optimize your opportunities for success.

PNB SO Scale 1 Credit Officer - Free Mock Tests

PNB SO Scale 1 Credit Officer 2023 Mock Test 2

PNB SO Scale 1 Credit Officer 2023 Mock Test 2

  • 120 Minutes
  • 200 Questions
  • 200 Marks
PNB SO Scale 1 Credit Officer 2023 Mock Test 1

PNB SO Scale 1 Credit Officer 2023 Mock Test 1

  • 120 Minutes
  • 200 Questions
  • 200 Marks

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