Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below: Arpit, Vijay, Chetan, Diwakar, Rohan, Ajay, Gagan and Hitesh are sitting around a circular area at equal distances from their neighbour but not necessarily in the same order. Some of them are facing the centre while some of them are facing outward (i.e. in a direction opposite the centre.) Diwakar sits third to the right of Vijay. Rohan sits second to the left of Vijay. The immediate neighbour of Vijay face the same direction. Chetan sits second to the left of Rohan. Rohan faces the centre. Ajay sits third to right of Chetan. Gagan sits second to the left of Hitesh. Hitesh or Arpit are not immediate neighbours of Vijay. Gagan faces the same direction as Diwakar. The immediate neighbours of Rohan face opposite directions. The immediate neighbours of Ajay face opposite directions.

Which of the following is true regarding Arpit as per the given arrangement?

A Hitesh sits second to the left of Arpit. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Arpit faces outward. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Only two persons sits between Vijay and Arpit. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Chetan is one of the immediate neighbours of Arpit Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E Only three persons sit between Arpit and Gagan Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


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