Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions. Eight kids Pankaj, Chetan, Ketan, Tanuj, Yash, Rishi, Deepak and Suraj are sitting around a circle facing the centre. (i)Ketan is third to the right of Deepak and second to the left of Yash. (ii)Pankaj is not an immediate neighbor of Yash. (iii) Chetan is third to the right of Suraj. (iv) Rishi is between Yash and Suraj.

Who sits third to the left of Ketan?

A Deepak Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Pankaj Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Suraj Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Tanuj Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


From (i), if Ketan is at place 1, then Deepak will be at place 6 and Yash will be at place 3. Hold (ii) and (iii) for a while (use these statements later) as (ii) is not a direct statement and (iii) gives us information about Chetan and Suraj and at present we know neither’s position. From (iv), Rishi will be at place 4 and Suraj will be at 5. From (iii), Chetan will be at place 8. From (ii), Pankaj cannot be at place 2 as she is not an immediate neighbor of Yash. So, Pankaj will be at place 7 and Tanuj will be at place 2, only place left.