A paragraph has been provided. From the options given below, choose the sentence that continues the paragraph in the most appropriate way.


Narendra Modi is not the first Chief Minister to have gone on to become Prime Minister. But given his well-known disdain for the erstwhile Planning Commission’s control-and-command approach towards States and his oft-repeated emphasis on ‘cooperative federalism’, there were great expectations from the successor organisation, the NITI Aayog. The Five-Year Plans — the last one ended on March 31 — were relegated to history, to be replaced by a three-year action plan. This was to be part of a seven-year strategy that would in turn help realise a 15-year long-term vision. When the Aayog’s Governing Council that includes the Prime Minister and all Chief Ministers met, it was hoped that the fine print as well as the big picture of the new planning approach had been worked out. However, all that was handed out was a draft action agenda for the three years till 2019-20, with 300 specific action points. This agenda is meant to be the first step towards attaining the envisioned outcomes by 2031-32. This ‘New India’, as NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Arvind Panagariya put it, will ensure housing for all, with toilets, LPG, power and digital connections; access to a personal vehicle, air conditioner and white goods for ‘nearly all’; and a fully literate population with universal health care.

A The NITI Aayog's approach of replacing Five Year Plans with a three-year action plan has been criticized by some experts. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B But even that is more than we know about the seven-year strategy or the twelve-year strategy. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C The focus on 'cooperative federalism' in the NITI Aayog's planning approach has been lauded by many state governments in India. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D The shift towards a 15-year long-term vision by the NITI Aayog has been seen as a positive step towards more comprehensive planning. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E The draft action agenda handed out by the NITI Aayog has been criticized for its lack of detail and clarity. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


The last sentence of the passage talks about the vision of the draft action agenda with not much clarity on the details and the HOWs. And only the 3rd option sentence talks about how only a draft action agenda with 300 specific action points was handed out, with no fine print or the big picture. Sentence 3, which talks about the criticism of the lack of detail and clarity in the draft action agenda, logically follows from this.

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