Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

In a certain language ‘banking system remain elevated‘, is written as ‘e$m18 u@d12 u#h12i%d16‘, then what does ‘financial stability’ stands for?

A i%i6, u#t12 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B i%a18, u#x18 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C i%s10, u#v12 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D i%z18, u#s18 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Here the code contains 2 letters, one symbol and a number. First letter represents next vowel of the first letter of the word. Then symbol represents no. of vowels (if no. of vowels is 1, then code @, if it is 2, then code $, if it is 3, then code # and if it is 4, then code %). Next letter represents the previous consonant of the second last letter of the word. Last number represents the no. of letters in the word multiplied by 2. In the word ‘financial’ F → next vowel → i No. of vowels → 4 → % Second last letter → z No. of the letters in the word → 9 × 2 → 18. ∴ Code : i%z18 In the word ‘Stability’ S → u No. of vowels → 3 → # Second last letters → s No. of the letters in the word → 9 × 2 → 18 ∴ Code : u#s18

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