Effect : Wikipedia, one of the last remaining pillars of the open and decentralized web, is in existential crisis.

Which of the following can be a probable cause of the above effect?

A A few years ago, the site launched a panicky fundraising campaign, and since then Wikipedia has never been as wealthy or well-organized. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B A flattening growth rate is observed in the number of contributors to the website. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C American liberals, worried that the new presidential candidate’s rise threatened the country’s foundational Enlightenment ideals, kicked in a significant flow of funds that has stabilized the nonprofit Wikipedia’s balance sheet. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Both 1 & 2 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


1 and 3 tell that Wikipedia has received huge funds and thus money is not an issue with the company. Although 2 says that number of contributors to the website have decreased thereby imposing a threat to its existence. 

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