Two mixtures A and B are in the ratio of 3:2. Mixture A contains ×% of milk and a% of water. Mixture B contains y% of milk and b% of water. If mixture B is mixed with mixture A then the final quantity of milk becomes 23% of the total mixture. Find the quantity of final milk, if x + y =45.

i. x - y = 10

ii. If the initial quantity of mixture A is 60 liter out of which 15 liter is milk.

iii. If 15 liter mixture is taken out from mixture A and mixed with mixture B the total quantity of water in mixture B becomes is 40 liter.

A Only ii Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Only i and ii together Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C either ii or iii alone Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Only ii and iii together Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of the above Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Let mixture in A and B be 3h and 2h respectively. Quantity of milk = (3hx/100 + 2hy/100)/5h = 23/100 3x + 2y = 115------(1) Given that, x + y = 45-----(2) y = 45 – x putting the value of y in equation 1 3x + 2(45 – x) = 115 3x + 90 – 2x = 115 x = 25 y = 20 Now from statement i: We cannot find the quantity of final milk. From Statement ii: 3h = 60 h = 20 therefore, we can find the quantity of final milk from statement ii. So, only statement ii is required for giving the answer.

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