Who among the following among C and A is elder?

i. Age of A, 6 years hence is equal to the sum of 2/3rd of present age of C and 1/5th present age of B.

ii. B is 18 years elder than his son and A is 12 years elder than B's son.

iii. Double the present age of A is equal to the age of C 12 years hence.

A Only ii Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Only iii Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Only i and ii together Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D All three together Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E Only i and iii together Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


From Statement I: A + 6 = 2/3C + B/5 -----(1) From Statement II: B = S + 18 ------(2) A = S + 12 ------(3) Solving equation (2) and (3), we get B – A = 6-----(4) From Statement iii, we get 2A = C + 12 ------(5) We cannot find the answer by individual statements, so combining statement i and ii A + 6 = 2/3 x C + B/5 -----(1) B – A = 6-----(4) B = A + 6 Substituting the value of B in equation (1), we get B = 2/3  x C + B/5 B – B/5 = 2/3 x C 4B/5 = 2/3 x C C = 6B/5 From the above equation we can say that C will be greater than B and from equation 4, we can say that age of B is more than that of A. So, from statement i and ii we can conclude that C’s age > B’s age > A’s age.

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