SEBI has formed a committee on Corporate Governance under the chairmanship of UdayKotak. From the below mentioned statements what is correct about Corporate Governance?

(i)                  Corporate governance related to taking care the interests of shareholders, management, customers, suppliers, financiers, government and the community.

(ii)                It involves Independence of Independent Directors and their active participation in the decision making.

(iii)               It relates to transparency and disclosure of financial and non-financial of all material transactions to the investors

(iv)              It is related to the effectiveness of the board 

A Only i, ii & iii Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Only i& iii & iv Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Only ii Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Only ii, iii & iv Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E All the above are correct Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


SEBI’s new norms provide for stricter disclosures and protection of investor rights including equitable treatment for minority and foreign shareholders.

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