KRITAGYA 3.0 is an initiative of which of the following agency?

A UPSC Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B ICAR Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C NCERT Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D AICTE Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E CBSE Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


KRITAGYA 3 . 0 - A National level Hackathon on crop improvement by ICAR

  • Indian Council of Agricultural Research with its National Agricultural Higher Education Project and Crop Science Division is organizing Hackathon 3 . 0 ‘’ KRITAGYA ” on promoting ‘ speed breeding for crop improvement . This program will provide an opportunity to students / faculties / entrepreneurs / innovators and others to showcase innovative approaches and technology solutions to promote innovation for crop improvement .
  • Such initiatives will give impetus to the desired rapid results in the crop sector with the ability to learn, innovation and solutions, employability and entrepreneurship . It will also encourage greater adoption of technology enabled solutions in the country .
  • In this competition, students, faculty and innovators / entrepreneurs from any university / technical institute across the country can apply and participate in the program as a group . The participating group shall consist of maximum 4 participants, with not more than one faculty and / or more than one innovator or entrepreneur . Participating students can collaborate with local start - ups, students from technology institutes and can win up - to INR 5 Lakhs . The registration for event shall take place till 26thSeptember 2022 .