According to the survey conducted by ICRIER & NABARD, only _____of women MSMEs got govt help during the pandemic.

A 7.5 percent Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B 4.5 percent Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C 5.8 percent Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D 6.7 percent Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


The Digital Financial Inclusion of Women in MSMEs: G20 and India survey conducted by ICRIER (Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations) and NABARD consisting of 308 women involved in the MSME sector studied the achievements and gaps in digital financial inclusion of women and MSMEs in India. According to the survey, 88.4 percent of MSME owners reported adverse effects of the pandemic on their business while only 5.8 percent of them received help from the government during the pandemic.The most common issue faced by the surveyed MSME owners, according to the report, was access to finance, with 60.5 percent of MSME owners finding credit access difficult. Around 47.7 percent of owners thought it was even more difficult to obtain a loan if the owner was a woman, showing a hidden perception of gender bias.

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