Union Minister for Education and Skill Development Dharmendra Pradhan launched NEAT 3.0, a single platform to provide the best-developed ed-tech solutions and courses to students of the country. What is the acronym of ‘T’ in NEAT?


    A Team Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    B Testing Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    C Technology Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    D Technological Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    E Test Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


    NEAT - National Education Alliance for Technology The National Education Alliance for Technology (NEAT), which is being implemented by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), aims to act as a bridge between edtech companies, academic institutions and students. The scheme, guided by the public-private partnership model, was launched by the Ministry of Education in September 2019. The initiative was taken after a Ministry of Education review noted that learning tools developed by edtech platforms that can supplement classroom teaching need to be made more accessible.  

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