In the following questions, two columns are given, Column 1 and Column 2. Each column contains 3 phrases. Match the phrases in Column 1 with the phrases in Column 2, so that they form grammatically and contextually correct sentences. If no such statements can be formed, choose option 5, “None of these” as your answer.

Column (1)

Column (2)

(A) As world attention remains focused on the war in Ukraine

(D) leaders of BIMSTEC will attend a summit meeting of the regional organisation.

(B) The meet, which is to be held in virtual mode

(E) in omnibus end summit communiqués full of aspirations rather than action.

(C) While each sector is important, the segmented approach has resulted

(F) was hosted by Sri Lanka, the current BIMSTEC chair.

A Only B-F Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B A-F and B-E Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Only C-D Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D A-D and C-E Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Phrase A forms a perfect pair with phrase D. Phrase B does not form a pair with any of the statements. F starts with ‘was’, which is incorrect. If ‘will be’ was used, It would have made a pair with B. Phrase C makes a perfect sentence with E.

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