Directions : Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word given in the options against the correct blank number. Extinction. This ____________ (26) word has one meaning. The death of a species. And it is a word that we ____________ (27) to hear so often these days, especially in the news. But the opposite is possible. The world and India can celebrate the recovery of at least one endangered species. India is now ________________ (28) increased tiger numbers, and a recent International Union for Conservation of Nature assessment _________________ (29) that tiger numbers have increased by 40% since 2005. This is cause for celebration. But is the rise in tiger numbers ______________ (30) to prevent their extinction?

Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word.

A rely Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B concentrate Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C expect Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D oppress Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E seem Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Here, ‘seem’ is the correct word. Other words are inappropriate. ‘expect’ is incorrect because we are not expecting the news of extinction.

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