In each question, there are five sentences. Each has a pair of words that are italicised and highlighted. From the italicised and highlighted words, select the most appropriate words (A or B) to form correct sentences. The sentences are followed by options that indicate the words, which may be selected to correctly complete the set of sentences. From the options given, choose the most appropriate one.

    The decision to join the social sector is often not the first choice between (A) / among (B) students.

    Increasingly a (A) /the (B) number of students are also getting lured to the sector by prestigious fellowships, such as the Gandhi Fellowship that was started in 2008.

    Marketing, which never seemed to be my cup of tea,(A) / coffee (B) was now my field of interest.

    A AAB Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    B BAA Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    C BAB Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    D AAA Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    E ABA Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


    “Between” is used for two persons and “Among” for more than two persons. “A number of” is plural but “the number of” is singular. “one's cup of tea” means “of one's choice or preference”. “one's cup of coffee”is a meaningless expression.

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