In each of the following questions, a question is followed by two or three statement. Read all the statements and find that which statements are required to answer the question and answer accordingly.

The ratio between the present ages of Mohit and Rekha is 2:3. Find the present age of Rekha.

I: Difference between the present ages of Priya and Mohit is 22 years.

II: The present age of Priya is 4 years less than thrice the present age of Mohit.

III: Difference between the present ages of Rekha and Mohit is 28 years.

A Only III Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Either I and II together or III alone. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C All are together Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Only I and II Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


From statement III: Age of Rekha = 28× 3 = 84 From statement I and II: 2 Rekha = 3 Mohit , ----(1) Priya – Mohit = 22 and 3 Mohit – Priya = 4 On solving, Mohit’s age = 13 year, putting this in equation (1) we get Rekha’s age = 39/2 years or 19 years 6 months

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